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  1. why does the Limpkin cross the road? 😂
  2. Is this a Barn Swallow? Seen today in central Florida
  3. 1 & 2: Red-breasted Sapsuckers 3: Red-naped Sapsucker
  4. the first 2 photos are Myrtle. the last one.... i don't know. drab throat points to Myrtle, but the yellow crown points to Audubon's.... maybe a Hybrid? Or maybe the light makes the throat look white and it's yellow?
  5. first bird of 2019 was a Palm Warbler
  6. one of 2 Bronzed Cowbirds today in Winter Garden, FL
  7. #204 Greater Scaup today! (in the back)
  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS where I live we're still dreaming of a White Christmas 😂 Here's a Snowy Egret 😉
  9. Got 57 species, 1 lifer and 5 yearbirds today on the Bay Lake CBC!
  10. Lifer #203 SUTA on the CBC! rare for this time of year
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