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  1. Orange-crowned Warbler was my first thought
  2. 1: Bullock's Oriole 2: Yellow-breasted Chat
  3. yep, Boat-tailed Grackles. You'll grow tired of them in Florida eventually 😆😆
  4. "move out of my way, punks, this is MY territory!"
  5. ay nice! Lake Apopka is really good right now so you'll get good birds for out of state I'm going through the southeast and I'm flying to the west for the first time in June, so I'll get a lot of lifers
  6. this chat is dead 😂 So yesterday me and @Trevor L.met up and had a great time birding! https://ebird.org/checklist/S83967553 it's also been forever since I was on here lmho, I've been busy with work + online stuff. my yearlist is at 123, and I'll hopefully hit 300 this year with several out of state trips.
  7. again hi guys. Been a while since I've been on I know lmho. I've been super busy, I got a job and I'm managing a discord server 👀 plus been doing a little birding I hope y'all are doing well here! 😁
  8. giving me the death glare.... and he seemed a little mad..... giving me the
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