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  1. 1: First thought was Blackburnian. Any more photos @cccougar? 2: Yellow-rumped Warbler
  2. 1: Fox Sparrow 2: Lincoln's? 3: Swamp Sparrow 4: Looks like a Fox Sparrow
  3. I also got Yellow-billed Cuckoo as lifer #188 a few days ago
  4. @Charlie Spencer also check Ebird bar charts.
  5. I had an interesting morning: I was photographing birds in my yard when a cop pulls up and asks me what I'm doing. I said I was Birdwatching, and she said someone called and said I was taking photographs of them (). I was able to prove that I wasn't by showing her the Bird pictures on my camera. Nothing happened, but I've never been stopped by a cop before.
  6. I saw this bird today in Clermont, FL. Any suggestions? (the first 2 photos are brightened)
  7. now at 92. could get a few more tomorrow
  8. Someone on the Discord chat saw this bird in Fernald, Ohio recently. Any suggestions? Thanks
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