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  1. what's your 2018 worldwide yearlist? mine is 89
  2. on an average day 1-2 (usually RSHA), average birding trip 3-5
  3. idk about the 1st but the 2nd looks like Common
  4. @Melierax awesome video! (I wish I could hold my camera that steady when I take a video lol) also I think the Wren drank too much coffee
  5. @Jshaw236 I highly recommend Cape May and Dry Tortugas
  6. I've never seen a Nuthatch, send me some too
  7. Did you notice any more details on the Bird?
  8. 1: Seaside Sparrows 2-3: Agree with Willow Flycatchers 4: Not sure, but leaning White-rumped 5: Agree with Greater Yellowlegs
  9. This was one of my favorite threads on the last whatbird . thanks for recreating it @TexasCobra!
  10. the family looks like Redheads, the flying one I think could be a Wigeon
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