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  1. agreed. I think early morning has the best birds, but evening is also good.
  2. 1: Baird's Sandpiper 2: Wilson's Phalaropes
  3. 1-2: Chipping Sparrow 3: Purple Finch 4: Vesper Sparrow? 5: Common Yellowthroat
  4. 1: I'm thinking Red-breasted 2-3: Female Common Yellowthroat 4: Song Sparrow 5: ?
  5. He left last year for Norway, since then I've talked with him once on Discord (earlier this year) and he was still there, idk when he'll return
  6. it was in the off-topic section before, but Birds and birding would make sense too. ?
  7. @Administrator when you create the Off-topic section, could you put this thread there? ?
  8. This was a popular page on the old Whatbird, so I'll start it again https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S47224020
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