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  1. Well, IMO they're gonna kill him or one of the droids, and I think Chewie is the logical choice since Han already died. If they kill R2 I'm boycotting Disney
  2. 1: Flycatcher Sp. 2: Red-winged Blackbird 3: Brown-headed Cowbird
  3. @birdbrain22 wow, Congrats!!
  4. Can't we just say Bigfoot is a Wookie? ?
  5. @Liam @chiccadee @Fancy @IvoryBillHope @JimBob @Kadynn_H @patbirddude
  6. @MerMaeve thanks for creating this! it's been a long time. look at my signature for an update
  7. Thanks to the whole whatbird.com team for bringing the forum back. great work guys!! @Administrator also could you bring back the off-topic section? (mainly for whatbird's young birders?)
  8. 1: that's a Jaeger, guessing Pomarine. 2: I think all TRES
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