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  1. CBC season is 10 days away! Talk about which ones you're going to do and share lists after you do them! I plan on doing 2 CBCs, one down in the Disney area on the 14th, and my local one on January 5th.
  2. I use Ebird for everything I also keep a lifelist and yearlist on a document.
  3. I like RTHA for this one. I've seen them perched on wires before
  4. 1: Neotropic Cormorant 2: Ruddy Ducks 3: Pass 4: Purple Gallinule 5: Northern Pintails with a Mottled Duck
  5. You just posted these on TBH 😂 I think Canada Goose
  6. 1-3 are correct 4-5 I pass 6 I think SESAs 7 Dunlin 8 is correct
  7. Before I saw the list I guessed Sooty Tern Incredible list @egosnell2002! 16/12 on the list.
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