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  1. 48 minutes ago, jbb1193 said:

    This may not be the proper forum, but here goes...

    As a 40 year birder in Central Florida I believe that the ratio of Fish Crows to American Crows is 10,000 to 1. I can only tell by voice and I rarely hear the American. Yet when I look at the Ebird the American is much more common than I have experienced.  That leads me to believe most American Crows are misidentified Fish Crows (in Cen. Fla.).

    Please comment that you support my belief, or refute my findings.


    I also live in Central Florida, and i see and hear American a lot more than Fish. I think the problem is that sometimes Crows don't call when sighted, and people just put American, assuming that's the most common Crow. It is, but people shouldn't assume. So it's possible that some American Crow sightings are Fish Crows

  2. 1 hour ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    Maybe south of I-10 they are.  Here they're on most golf courses and farm ponds.


    2 hours ago, Kevin said:

    You had not seen a Canada Goose for 9 years!:classic_blink:


    1 hour ago, akandula said:

    I didn't realize Canada Geese were so hard to see in the south. Around here, if somebody said that they never saw a goose they'd need their eyes checked immediately. :classic_tongue:

    they're getting more common in winter in florida, idek how I hadn't seen one in 9 years lol

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