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  1. one of 2 Bronzed Cowbirds today in Winter Garden, FL
  2. #204 Greater Scaup today! (in the back)
  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS where I live we're still dreaming of a White Christmas ? Here's a Snowy Egret ?
  4. Got 57 species, 1 lifer and 5 yearbirds today on the Bay Lake CBC!
  5. Lifer #203 SUTA on the CBC! rare for this time of year
  6. CBC season is 10 days away! Talk about which ones you're going to do and share lists after you do them! I plan on doing 2 CBCs, one down in the Disney area on the 14th, and my local one on January 5th.
  7. I use Ebird for everything I also keep a lifelist and yearlist on a document.
  8. I like RTHA for this one. I've seen them perched on wires before
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