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  1. 1 hour ago, akandula said:
    1. Female/immature male House Finch - note the brown overall, coarse, blurry streaking on the belly, and conical bill.
    2. Male Ruby-crowned Kinglet - note the tiny bill, white eyering, and black bar under a white wingbar. You can even see the usually concealed red crown!


  2. 31 minutes ago, akandula said:
    1. Male House Finch - note the conical seed-eating bill, notched tail, red around the face and upper breast, and streaky brown back, belly, and tail. Cassin's Finches would have less streaking on the flanks and a more straight culmen.
    2. Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay - note the large size, long tail, and stout bill. Adults are blue and gray above, have clean gray underparts, and a partial blue necklace. The similar California Scrub-Jay can be separated by range (it lives further west). Pinyon Jays lack the contrasty white throat.


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