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  1. OK, great! The bill is what was throwing me off. hanks, Art
  2. Hmm, all of the Pied-billed I've photographed seemed to have fairly short lighter colored bills with a very prominent dark band. Do the bills darken with winter plumage? Art
  3. Going through some older images, I am having trouble ID-ing this grebe (I believe). It doesn't help that it is wet and, I presume, in winter plumage. I am leaning towards Eared Grebe. Image captured near Port Aransas, Texas in February of 2014. Thanks for any help, Art
  4. Great! Thanks to both of you for the confirmation. Art
  5. I believe that this is a Prairie Falcon. Image captured Feb 15th in central New Mexico (Bosque del Apache NWR). Thanks for any help, Art
  6. Yes, looking at online images, I'd go with juvenile White-tailed Hawk. The Texas Gulf coast appears to be at the northern extent of their range. I'd love to see an adult in the wild! Thanks, Art
  7. Not sure what this raptor is. Image taken along Texas Gulf Coast in mid March. I'm guessing immature Red-tailed Hawk. The coloration reminds me of an immature Bald Eagle, but I don't think the beak is heavy enough. Thanks for any help, Art
  8. Thanks Kerri! This seems to be the same or a very similar hybrid (original story was 6 years ago). For now I'll go with Snowy/Tricolor hybrid. Art
  9. This one has got me confused. Taken Apr. 25, 2019 in the Merritt Island NWR in Florida. The blotches of blue feathers look like those of a Little Blue Heron changing to adult plummage. But the black bill, black legs and yellow feet would indicate a Snowy Egret. Also the wispy plumage would indicate breeding plumage of an adult. Little Blue, Snowy, hybrid, color morph, or what? Thanks for any help, Art
  10. Hi , I'm hoping for an ID for these two small shorebirds. Seen near Morro Bay, California, in early December of this year. Thanks for any help, Art
  11. Hi, I'm trying to ID this bird. The image was captured in mid April 2018 near Bishop, California Thanks for any help, Art
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