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  1. Just to make sure. This is an older photo I have, so is it the same bird?
  2. Not a good photo, but my guess is a merganser. But which? I thought red-breasted merganser, but no, the photo I already have is different. What do you think?
  3. It was a cloudy day today in Florida, no sun, so I could not get a good photo of this bird. My guess it is a kingfisher, but which one? There are some with colours, mine seems to be white and grey.
  4. Yes, it was near Blue Springs State Park.
  5. This bird reminds me of a gallinule, but it lacks the red bill. Can it be a juvenile?
  6. I had a different post where I asked about a bird with yellow breast and I was told it is a yellow house finch. I was also told that there are orange house finches. Since my bird feeder in Port Orange, Florida, is very well visited I have now a photo of the orange finch. Correct?
  7. Is this a female cardinal? Somehow it looks different than the others at my bird feeder.
  8. Sorry, I didn't see the question until now. I live in Port Orange, central Florida
  9. This pair came to my birdfeeder in Florida, first time. They seems to be a pair, but only one had this yellow breast.
  10. Thank you all so much, I never had laughed so much early in the morning. Best answers ever.
  11. I saw green herons, but this is the first time one is in my backyard. The head looks different, can this really be a green heron? It is the only photo I could get.
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