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  1. I found this bird in my backyard. From the look of it I think it must be a killdeer, but what does it in my backyard? So far I only found it near coastal wetlands, beach habitats, and coastal fields.
  2. Whow. As usual I`m impressed by how fast I get an answer in this forum. Thank you very much. And it is a new bird for me, I love this.
  3. I just can't find the name. Location: my backyard in Florida
  4. I tried my best, but can't find the name of this bird in my yard (Florida).
  5. Are they all eastern phoebe? It is Central Florida
  6. Photo 1 I took in the everglades and I'm pretty sure it is a purple gallinule. Never saw it in my area Central Florida. Photo 2 I took in the Orlando Wetlands. It is a bit similar to the first bird, but still different. So what is it?
  7. Please tell me that I was really lucky today and found the glossy ibis for the first time. It was in Orlando Wetlands-
  8. I thought it is easy to identify this bird. But now I have doubts. Is it a common morhen or a red-fronted coot? The second one I just found next to it is american coot, right? Lake Woodruff Preserve, Florida
  9. This forum is amazing. Not one minute and there is already an answer. Thank you
  10. It is not a very good photo but could somebody identify this duck
  11. Okay, I believe you. But I have this photo, also Central Florida, and I was told it is a tanager. For me they look the same???
  12. Is this a Western Tanager? Founf in Central Florida-
  13. I'm a bit unsure if these are all Red-shouldered Hawks, because the color is different. Thank you for helping me.
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