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  1. cavan wood

    House or Winter?

    Rich colour, distinct supercillium, short fine dark bill. Winter for me. Scott
  2. cavan wood

    Some kind of Swift?

    Northern roughed-winged swallow Scott
  3. cavan wood

    Help with Hawk ID

    Coopers for me as well. Scott
  4. cavan wood

    Which Chickadee?

    Oh, Meghan describes it differently. Well, either way it's because of white edging on the coverts. Scott
  5. cavan wood

    Confirm Juvenile Bald Eagle

    So re-reading wheeler I realize my mistake. I got the molt right I think (subadult I - accidently said prebasic above) with the p6-p10, s3-4, and s7-12ish still being juvenile feathers (long, faded, and pointed in the 2nd photo). However, that molt happens after the first birthday, not the first winter. So that would mean it's approaching its 2nd birthday, despite the light colours. Molt is probably finished for a southern bird, so it will carry most of these feathers into the fall of 2019. Does that sound right, or am I still messing this up?
  6. Yes, a varied thrush. Hopefully you were able to get it to the rehab today? Or did it recover and fly off? Scott
  7. cavan wood

    Chipping Sparrow ??

    I would agree. Scott
  8. cavan wood

    Which Chickadee?

    If you look at one covert at a time, the long white edge makes the (short) handle of the stick, and the short, white, visible end of the covert makes the blade. Maybe it's just easier to say coverts with white edges.🤔 Scott
  9. cavan wood

    Eastern Wood-Pewee Calls

    Yes, it sounds perfect for their short call, so if you were hearing the full call as well then that pretty much seals it. Scott
  10. cavan wood

    What kind of owl is this?

    Yes, also fine barring below rather than coarser streaks and bars of leow.
  11. It also has the white tertial edging of a bcch. Scott
  12. cavan wood

    Eastern Wood-Pewee Calls

    What was the habitat and time of day? I mean it certainly sounds like it, I just wanted to see that it makes sense. Scott
  13. cavan wood

    Gull ID

    Good point. The wing tips aren't too pale? Flying gulls are not my forte. Scott
  14. cavan wood

    House or Purple?

    Good, that was my take as well. Thanks, Scott