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  1. I agree this a red-tailed or at least partially so. The only plumage consistent with accipiter is the trace of barring in the belly region. The head pattern, belly streaking, and especially the tail pattern are wrong for accipiter. The red-shouldered cross is intriquing, and would better explain the longer tail. There are several RTHA x RSHA crosses documented. Here is one. Scroll down for various views. https://eontbird.ca/?p=3994 Scott
  2. Appears to have all the requisite traits. RTHA it is. Scott
  3. That colour on the rump is not always visible if the wings are closed over the back, but the colour there is quite typical. Scott
  4. It's the guy with the handlebar mustache from the show where he and his son build choppers (bikes). Scott
  5. Cooper's for sure, and for sure the colours are washed out. Scott
  6. They split it. NA is wilson snipe and Europe is common snipe. I think I have that right. Scott
  7. It's showing that peak at the back, BUT it's below that high forehead. I'm good with greater. Wait to see what others say. Scott
  8. I agree, but I'm sure you have a shot with the ventral, bottom of the tail in it just to seal the deal. Scott
  9. The Bird Nuts, you are the most patient person I have ever witnessed. I would have given up long ago. Scott p.s. Absolutely a hermit thrush.
  10. Agreed. Notice, among other things, the light crescent at the base of the primaries. Scott
  11. It also has very short primary projection and a comparatively big head. My feeling is least. Scott
  12. Also not 100%, but I was thinking exactly the same thing. Scott
  13. I see gadwall in this bird (head shape, bill colour). Maybe mallard x gadwall? Scott
  14. You're right, it does have a thicker bill. This is a black-bellied plover. Scott
  15. 1,4,9 10,11 red-shouldered hawk 3 possibly sharp-shinned hawk but maybe cooper's 5,6,7,8 probably cooper's hawks 13,14,15 likely red-tailed 16,17,18 huh, almost looks like a goshawk 2 buteo, red-tailed or red-shouldered 12 I can't see a bird Scott
  16. I'm inclined towards greater based on the rounded head, broad bill, broad nail, and clean white sides. But unless it was on the Mississippi, that would be unlikely inland in Tennessee. Scott
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