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  1. If you look at one covert at a time, the long white edge makes the (short) handle of the stick, and the short, white, visible end of the covert makes the blade. Maybe it's just easier to say coverts with white edges.? Scott
  2. Yes, it sounds perfect for their short call, so if you were hearing the full call as well then that pretty much seals it. Scott
  3. Yes, also fine barring below rather than coarser streaks and bars of leow.
  4. What was the habitat and time of day? I mean it certainly sounds like it, I just wanted to see that it makes sense. Scott
  5. Good point. The wing tips aren't too pale? Flying gulls are not my forte. Scott
  6. Good, that was my take as well. Thanks, Scott
  7. Southern Ontario, summer I assume. This was posted on a photo web site. Several people ID the bird one way, I was the lone dissenter. What say you? Scott
  8. I no expert on plumage. I'm just working on what I read in the Wheeler book on raptors. He says that only s4 and s9 are ever retained into prebasic II, but this bird has more than that. If anyone else has expertise to add that would be great. Scott
  9. Definitely black duck, and I also agree with rusty, but not 100% sure. Scott
  10. It still has a few long juvenile feathers in the secondaries, so prebasic I, which if I understand that correctly, means it was born this past spring. Scott
  11. I'm inclined towards sharpie as well with that squared off tail and small tucked back head. Scott
  12. It looks like a rufous coloured.bird that has been covered in oil. I would have guessed thrasher with that long tail but for the bill description. Scott
  13. Yes, I realized that after the fact. Thought I had edited, but apparently not. Scott
  14. I like sub-adult sharp-shinned for this one because of the bug-eyed look, dark nape, coarse streaking, and skinny legs. Scott
  15. You're right of course, especially the second. Domestics are virtually all mallards or muscovy and so where else would you get eye rings. But that third one...pintail? Scott
  16. I'm having trouble with this one. To me, there's no barring on the flanks, a weak supercillium, and a bicoloured bill...suggesting house. But, the bill and tail look short, the bird is dark, and winter range would suggest winter. Any other shots? Scott
  17. 1 & 2 are both domestics. 1 def has muscovy in it and probs mallard. 2 looks all mallard to me, but of domestic origin and it should be hooked to a sleigh for pulling children around in the snow. 3 has mallard in it (domestic) but there seems to be something else going on....don't know. Disclaimer: My knowledge of domestics comes almost completely from this forum. Scott
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