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Found 5 results

  1. My first pelagic trip is coming up this Fall and I wanted to get some insight on best photography practices from those who are experienced in that endeavor. Do you use a waterproof camera, place your camera in a waterproof case that allows functionality, or just bag your camera on the way out? Fixed or zoom lens? If fixed, what focal length is best in this situation? How best to stabilize shots on a boat? I've seen folks straddling the side of vessels with camera-in-hand, but that is definitely not me. Any other advice, warnings, experiences that might be helpful?
  2. We are planning a birding trip to Costa Rica sometime in the next 12 months. When is the best time to go in order to see neotropicals (the correct term?) I would never see in the states? @Connor Cochrane--I saw you just returned from there. Any tips? @Aveschapines--since I've not taken the trip, I wasn't sure where to post this, since the "Trips" thread refers to completed trips. It can be moved there if more suitable.
  3. I've been adulting for the past couple of weeks and it cut hugely into my birding time. Hubby & I plan to do GBD Saturday, so that should help with my withdrawal symptoms. Is anybody else participating? We are going to get up early & start with the hotspots at the south end of our county (the Gulf portion) and work our way north parallelling Mobile Bay and into the delta. If time permits--which I doubt it will, this being our inaugural GBD--we will head over to adjoining Mobile county and bird north to south until we again reach the Gulf. Any tips or suggestions? Do you all set time limits for each birding spot during GBD?
  4. Alabama. Baldwin co. Gulf of Mexico & surrounds. Hubby & I have signed up for our first Christmas Bird Count. In these days of COVID & social distancing, we will be pretty much on our own, only touching base with the spot leader a few times throughout the day. Our area will be along a sandy beach shore and through pine palmetto. I am pretty comfortable with IDing most "backyard" birds, shorebirds, terns, herons, egrets, cormorants, etc., and our 3 most likely gulls. Warblers, well... The count leader will be emailing specific instructions but, in the meantime, I would love to hear from those who are experienced CB Counters. Some questions: We plan to bring the spotting scope. Yes? No? Is the count similar to a regular eBird list as far as editing, i.e. can we use pics of uncertainties/unknowns for later ID? Do counters usually count from one spot or roam their sector throughout the day? Is counting done sun-up to sun-set? We plan to be there before sunrise. Anything important we should know about the CBC or how/if it differs from the run-of-the mill checklist? Thanks in advance.
  5. Baldwin co AL 08 Sept 2020 House Finches with Finch eye disease. ? I observed first one yesterday and another today. The feeders are down and are being sterilized. Can anyone else share experience or advice for managing & future avoidance? 1. How long should I wait before I can put the feeders back up? 2. I have been cleaning them once a month with dish soap and a 10% bleach solution. Should I do it more frequently? 3. Any other suggestions?
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