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  1. Probabaly the same bird seen in Walton co. FL (just a couple of counties east of us) a few months back. I didn't see him there but some of my birder friends did and now have a Gray Gull in 2 U.S. states!
  2. 24 Jan 2024 Baldwin co. AL; mostly freshwater lake across road from Gulf
  3. 22 Jan 2024 Baldwin co. AL; [mostly] freshwater lake 1. Redhead 2. Ring-necked 3. Ring-necked
  4. 22 Jan 2024 Baldwin co. AL; [mostly] freshwater lake I see a peak at the back of the head, but...
  5. 19 Jan 2024 Dale co. AL Eyeline a little strong but pretty sure those UTc are yellow.
  6. 05 Jan 2023 Morgan co. AL; Wheeler NWR
  7. 07 Nov 2023 Baldwin co. AL; commercial sod fields
  8. 03 Nov 2023 Jefferson co. AL; municipal botanical garden; riding same thermals as a Red-tailed Hawk
  9. 3 Nov 2023 Jefferson co. AL; thicket, wooded trail in botanical gardens
  10. 30 August 2023 Baldwin co, AL; causeway over bay/delta. Tail too long for Common?
  11. 27 Aug 2023 Baldwin co. AL; small seasonal pond in agricultural field
  12. 22 August 2023 Baldwin co. AL; small season pond in agricultural field. Bird calling from thick vegetation at pond's edge; never came into view. Would like opinions based on your own human ears, as I have already consulted the various AI sources. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/605937311
  13. 16 Aug 2023 Baldwin co. AL; within thick reeds at bayside park, heavy woods
  14. 06 Sep 2023 Shelby co. AL; cabin area surrounded by heavy woods in state park near small lake
  15. 25 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; variably brackish marsh at public boat ramp; grass in standing water I was favoring King, as it seems too slow for Clapper. Thoughts? https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/577192171
  16. 13 June 2023 Baldwin co. AL; impound pond in agricultural field 1. 2.
  17. 13 Jun 2023 Baldwin co. AL; impound freshwater pond on agricultural land Red-winged Blackbird included for some semblance of a reference What I think I see: long tail & wings, horizontal posture, slightly down-curved bill
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