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  1. No pic. Two (amateur) observers. Just got a quick glimpse in passing: low flying raptor, roadside field, coastal Alabama 01/19/2018. Looked like a Buteo. Conspicuous, rather wide, white bands on dorsal side of wings toward tips. Kriders (confirmed) have been spotted by others in county Oct-Dec 2109.
  2. Hi, All. Taken 09/18/2019, lakeside, central Alabama. 1. ?Female Summer Tanager (male was seen earlier) 2. &3. ?Rough-Winged Swallow
  3. Hi, All-- This is not my pic. It was posted on our local "All About..." FB page. According to post: The bird was found on the ground--'5” long with a beak that is about 1'. He was sitting with his beak touching the ground with his eyes open.' It was taken to a local wildlife rescue organization. Coastal Alabama. Last night (Sept. 27 2019).
  4. Hi-- I have 2 pics of hummingbirds for ID. I have included the info I used to ID & would very much appreciate feedback & steps you go through to get to ID. Thanks! #1 ?Ruby Throat-- was taken in coastal Alabama in March 2018. Although you can't see the red, I ID'd it as a Ruby Throat, due to location (other hummer species are only rarely seen here) & wings not extending past tail #2 ?Black Chinned--Phoenix, AZ May 2017; long bill, wings tips same length as tail. Both birds seem to have the white spot behind the eye.
  5. April 24, 2017. Small seasonal freshwater pond/Grady pond. Coastal Alabama.
  6. Not my pic. Taken yesterday. Dale county, Alabama. Rural area with large farms & fields, a few fish ponds, and streams.
  7. Hi, All. I believe this to be a RBWP but it looked odd. I think it is due to the distance/poor quality of the photo & the fact he is fluffing and windblown, but wanted to confirm. He was incredibly high up in a dead tree. June 2019. Baldwin co. AL
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