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  1. Good morning, All. We had a hummingbird come into the yard this morning that did not act like our usual RTs. It seemed large, had a louder/buzzier sounding flight, and did not twitter at all, even when close to us. It seemed confused by the feeder--like he/she did not know what to do. It did nectar at several flowers. We thought it might just be a young RT, but it seemed larger. We occasionally have other species of hummers here. We could not see features/colors well enough to describe. 27 June 2020 Baldwin co. AL (coastal)
  2. Baldwin co., AL. 11 April 2020. Song is repeated throughout, at approximately 0, 2, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24. Then the Laughing Gulls take over. 20200411_104839Unk - Copy.wav
  3. Hi, All. In the past, I have seen all sorts of raptors (BE, Osprey, RTH...) perch in this lonesome pine in a large field. From my perspective, this bird seemed the size for a BE, did not appear to have the small head of a vulture or Osprey, and I saw a a pale flash when he flew off. Wings held predominantly flat, not dihedral, but seemed to have a the slightest upturn at tips. Can anyone ID from this blurry silhouette?
  4. 18 June 2020. Baldwin co AL. There are several birds singing in this clip. I heard a Norther Mockingbird and an Eastern Bluebird, but I am interested in what the bird is that calls approximately every 10 seconds (aprroximately at seconds 7, 17, 26, 39). 20200618_100010 - Copy.wav
  5. I have no recollection of why I took this pic, but there are 2 birds on/near the ground. Looking at the pic now, I thought maybe Eastern Phoebe. Tallapoosa co., AL. Lake Martin. March 5 2017.
  6. On my mid-morning walk today (14 Apr 2020) I saw a group of 3 swallows hunting very close to a fallow field of stubble. They were too far away to ascertain color and I did not see obvious forked tails, but had only my eyes and no bins. I did not hear the chittering of Chimney Swifts, but, again, may have been too far to be within earshot. I was favoring Purple Martin at the time, but they are high hunters. Thoughts?
  7. Good afternoon, All. I am hoping someone can ID the two different bird species in this less-than-optimal recording. April 11, 2020. Baldwin co. AL Coastal 1. Fish vs American Crow calling througout. I was favoring Fish b/c it was a more nasal than coarse caw. I did not ask him if he was an American Crow, however, so did not hear the definitive negative reply. ? 2. ????? --3 rapid clear whistles at around 7, 10, 14, 16, 23, 31... Thank you. 20200411_161327 - Copy.wav
  8. Is this an Eastern Towhee? Sounded to me like "Drink Your Tea!" We never saw the bird. It was at greater than person height among some trees lining the drive into our suburban neighborhood. April 6, 2020 Alabama Baldwin co. Thanks 20200406_184316EasternTowheeed-0 - Copy.wav
  9. 4 Mar 2020 There were 3 hawks flying together. I believe (but don't know for sure) they all were the same species. I think this is a Buteo, but...? Features I think I see--please correct if I am incorrectly categorizing: Fairly broad, but not particularly long, wings for body length with "fingers" Wings slightly pointed Fairly long tail for Buteo (if it is a Buteo) Dark wing linings, paler, barred flight feathers Barred tail Little to no secondary bulge--I have trouble seeing & grading this feature on any given bird
  10. 21 Mar 2020. Baldwin co., AL. <1 mile from Mobile Bay Hi, All. ? Today, I noted a large flock of 60-70 grackles (and possibly a few Red-Winged Blackbirds--ID'd by ear only) fly and roost for several minutes in the uppermost branches of surrounding trees. When they flew overhead, their tails were long & large, and unfurled into a shallow V at the end. I ID'd them as Boat-Tailed, but ebird popped up with an error message calling them "Infrequent". On AllAboutBirds and ebird, I listened to the calls of each of the 2 species and they did sound more like Common Grackle (but please see Question #1 below). So my questions: 1--Are the calls of the 2 species as different (as they sounded to me) on ebird/llAboutBirds? 2--Do Boat-Taileds also aggregate in huge flocks (and with other "black-birds") like Common? 3) Do the 2 species socialize/roost/flock together? 4) Regardless of the species of the birds I saw, why would ebird state Boat-Taileds as "Infrequent" here? We are coastal and we have them here year-round. 5) Would not the hugely long tail showing an obvious V shape in flight suggest Boat-Tailed? Thanks, everybody. ?
  11. 11 March 2020. Dauphin Island (Mobile co.), AL. Saltwater.
  12. 11 March 2020. Dauphin Island, AL. Expansive grassy marsh between beach and road
  13. 11 March 2020. Dauphin Island, AL. Hi, All. There were 2 very bulky birds in this pine near the parking lot of a public pier. They were being harried mecilessly by crows resulting in one of the unknowns flying off before I could snap a pic. I thought at first they were buteos, but the tail on this one...?
  14. Taken 02/27/2020. Baldwin co. (coastal) Alabama. May or may not be same individual from last post. Ruby Throat vs Black-Chinned, and specific field marks/algorithm you used to ID, please :) We have both species (as well as the occasional Rufous and Anna's) and both the RT and BC overwinter here. Thank you!
  15. 09 March 2020 Baldwin co. AL (coastal). Hi. Why does this Red Tailed have such a pale bill? Or is it something else or poor lighting?
  16. April 30, 2018. Baldwin co., AL (Coastal). Did not have the reddish tail of a Hermit Thrush.
  17. Hi, All-- Dauphin Island, AL April 16 2019. Ring Billed Gull? Juvenile or First Winter or in transition between the two? The beak is two-toned like a FW, but there is no grey on the back.
  18. Hi, All. These pics were taken Nov. 2019, Lake Martin, Tallapoosa co., AL. I think both are Ring-Billed Gulls, but the one on the right has legs that appear pinkish. I think this is a lighting issue, as both appear the same size. Apologies for the high ISO and camera shake.
  19. Good morning, All. Amongst the usual Goldfinches, Cardinals, Wrens, Chickadees, Doves, and Titmice at my feeders this morning, there was this unknown. Could this be an Orange-Crowned Warbler? It came readily to the feeder & suet. I did not see yellow on its flanks or elsewhere. It appeared overall olive/drab & has a faint hint of an eyeline. Sorry for the underexposure and subsequent lightening. I am posting both the original and the lightened version. Thank you all. ? 02/22/2020. Coastal Baldwin co., AL
  20. Hi, All. These were taken 02/21/2020 Baldwin county, AL (coastal). RTs very common here. BCs much more common here than previously thought and have been sighted regularly in the last several weeks in my county. Now I am questioning everything I ever called a RT. Wings look long on this one, but I think still not long enough to be BC? The wing tips are in deep shadow and are longer than they appear at first glance. How would you all ID this and via what field marks. Thank you.
  21. Hi, All. Feb. 13, 2020. Mobile co., AL. Public park/lake. Is this a Mallard hybrid? If so Mallard X What?? A teal? Thanks in advance. ?
  22. No pic. Two (amateur) observers. Just got a quick glimpse in passing: low flying raptor, roadside field, coastal Alabama 01/19/2018. Looked like a Buteo. Conspicuous, rather wide, white bands on dorsal side of wings toward tips. Kriders (confirmed) have been spotted by others in county Oct-Dec 2109.
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