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  1. 08 Mar 2022 Baldwin co. AL; mouth of delta; sandy shoreline, mudflats, abundant brush, cane, cattails, shrubby vegetation I thought these might be Spotted Sandpipers
  2. 22 Feb 2022 Baldwin co. AL; public pier on bay
  3. 27 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; bayside/riverside state park/campground
  4. 10 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; small waterfowl refuge in small bay alongside busy highway tail finely barred; head almost white except for that odd moustachial stripe; kiting for a long while in very strong headwind before perching on road sign
  5. 28 Jan 2022 Baldwin co AL; Large man-made freshwater pond 1 and 3-5 appear to have slightly drooping/curved, long bills, so I thought Dunlin
  6. 23 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; small waterfowl refuge alongside busy highway; shallow water 1. 2. Duck in foreground
  7. Wow! My first birding excursion to a landfill today and I was completely overwhelmed with the sheer number of birds--both individuals and species. I will have to mentally prepare myself next time I go...and I will definitely take the truck rather than my Fusion. 😄 Also, the booth attendant was welcoming and knowledgeable about what birds had been seen recently. Next stop--the sewage lagoons.
  8. 26 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; sod fields In the field, I could see the yellow above the eye (see 2nd photo)
  9. 24 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; Gulf beach Herring Gull, 1st Winter/cycle ??
  10. 23 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL; small bayside waterfowl refuge alongside busy highway; shallow water L to R: ?, Gadwall 2. The big guys among the American Coots, L to R: Gadwall, Gadwall, ?, ?
  11. 17 Jan 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public pier I thought ROTE at first glance, but he has orange legs and a bit of a dark tip, so then I though Common Tern (which would be a Lifer), but wasn't sure if COTE would have that much of a clean forehead & crown.
  12. 18 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park 1. 3 unknowns from L to R: small duck, small duck, ?merganser/grebe (2 pics) 2. American Goldfinch--best guess
  13. 14 Jan 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bay/gulfside public park/historic fort; open grassland, thin woods
  14. 13 Jan 2021 Dale co. AL; rural wooded yard; feeding on ground
  15. 11 Jan 2021 Baldwin co. AL; riparian (delta) public nature park with hiking trails; intially called it a Song, but there is faint yellow mark before the eye
  16. 05 Jan 2022 Baldwin co, AL; smalll waterfowl refuge alongside busy highway over small bay
  17. 05 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; small waterfowl refuge alongside busy highway over bay; with Laughing Gull for scale
  18. 05 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park, heavily wooded, cypress swamp, pine palmetto, oak/magnolia 1. Flying like a swallow. Northern Rough-winged vs. just a EUST 2. maybe same bird as #1 3. Thought this was a White-breasted Nuthatch but he looks odd 4. Blackburnian vs. other warbler sp. 5. Best guess is Eastern Wood Peewee, but that tail is short.
  19. 01 Dec 2021 Baldwin co. AL; abandoned homesite; heard from within very thick privet thicket https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/392581411
  20. 01 Dec 2021 Baldwin co. AL; small season pond on agricultural parcel I still have problems IDing non-breeding shorebirds
  21. 30 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL bayside public park; heavily wooded boardwalk trails; beach, cypress swamp, pines, palmetto 1. Pretty sure it's a Black-bellied, I don't see any golden hues, but that eyestripe is really crisp 2. Savannah Sparrow--but the bill looks wrong and the bird looks beefy 3. Carolina Wren, but would the flank barring indicate it came from Texas?
  22. 02 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL; estuary/delta; among reeds in standing water I don't see the heavy streaking on the back that the Marsh Wren should have, but the habitat was wrong for Winter Wren
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