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  1. 23 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; delta/bay/river & mixed piney/cypress/hardwoods; public access walking paths, interpretive center & other habited buildings 1. ?Red-tailed Hawk 2. ?Swamp Sparrow--deep in shade, hard for me to appreciate color 3. ?Savannah Sparrow--apologies for the blurred image 4. ?Song Sparrow 5. ?Lincoln's Sparrow 6. I could ID the Killdeer (bird in center of lower image) in the field. Can the smaller shorebirds be identified any further than "peep sp."?
  2. 21 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; freshwater pond There were a couple of different-looking ducks with a flock of about 40 Northern Pintails. 1. ?Green Winged Teals (? 2 male and 1 female) 2. L to R: Northern Pintail (for comparison), ?female Green-Winged Teal, ?no clue
  3. 20 Feb 2021 AL Mobile/Baldwin co. upper Mobile Bay 1. ?Northern Shoveler (the 4 swimming, bracketed by the dabblers, which I believe to be Gadwall) 2. ?Gadwall (swimming) 3. ?? Which Duck (swimming, right side) 4. Herring Gulls, Ring-billeds, and who is the squatty little ?duck up front? 5. Herring Gull & Laughing Gull 6. ???--some Gadwall + something else; the second one looks to have a dark head
  4. 20 Feb 2021 Mobile co. AL Public lake & park 1. ?Killdeer 2. ?Gadwall (male & female) Small longleaf forest adjacent to botanical gardens & city golf course 1. Winter Wren vs. House Wren--he appears to have an eyebrow stripe but also his throat seems pale 2. Coopers vs. Sharpie (could not get a shot of legs before he flew)
  5. 05 Jan 2021 Mobile co. AL It has been visiting backyard feeders since Dec 9. I have not gone to see it. It is at a private residence, but the homeowners are allowing birders to view from their carport.
  6. 15 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; private pond While driving today, I noted a small flock of ducks which had apparently just taken off from a small pond. They were fairly large and mostly brown in the body with wings that showed a large white stripe. I have seen Black-belled ducks on the ground before, but never in flight. Could what I saw be anything else? Several sightings have been posted for my county in the same area in which I saw my birds today.
  7. 15 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL offshore mudflats in estuarine environment
  8. 15 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; saltwater marsh & bay; pine/cypress/palmetto wetlands 1. Northern Pintail? 2. Tree Swallow? Much of the time they flew just above the water's surface 3. Weird angle, but is this just a Northern Mockingbird? It seemed small...
  9. 15 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Boardwalk along a weedy creekside corridor wedged between an interstate/4-lane highway exchange, hotels, and a saltwater bay. The creek is separated from the boardwalk by tall, vine-covered chain-link fence on either side. This bird was singing high from a tree top on the far side of the creek near a hotel parking lot. There appears to be 2 sustained notes followed by 3 more rapid, higher notes. 20210215_131035ed - Copy.wav
  10. 15 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Estuary/Bay I can't decide if these female scaup are Greater or Lesser.
  11. 13 Feb 2021 Mobile co. AL; public lake & park I was hoping this was a Greater White-fronted Goose, but now I think it is a domestic Heinz 57.
  12. 10 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Mobile Bay American White Pelican vs. Great Egret These birds were far offshore on a spit of sandbar. They never did raise their heads. Before I could go back and get my spotting scope, it started pouring rain, so these are the best shots I have. I thought their overall shape, posture, & fact they were in a pretty tight social group was more on the side of American White Pelican, but idk. There is a Ring-billed Gull on the far left for reference.
  13. Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL I would have called this a House Finch b/c of so much brown on the face and the curved culmen, although he does have a lot of red on the back, short tail, and only faint streaking. Can someone help me with the specific features on this photo that determine this bird is a Purple Finch? https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/304790061
  14. 08 Feb 2021 Wooded private yard next to small bayside park; singing from high in trees 20210208_112044 - Copy.wav
  15. 09 Feb 2021 Thick undergrowth & hurricane debris at foot of bluff among pines, oaks, azaleas & near walkway in bayside public park. I recognize Northern Cardinal, Carolina Chickadees, and Carolina Wrens in this clip. There is another bird sound in there that I don't recognize. It is a 2-note, somewhat burry call that, to my ear, seems to descend with the first note, then ascend with the second note. It occurs fairly regularly at around 3.2, 5.8, 8, 13, 17, 22... 20210209_100124.wav
  16. 08 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bayside 1. ?Red-breasted Merganser (vs. Common Merganser vs. ??); he appears to have a red eye, but his bill looks broad for a merganser, so idk... 2. ?Chipping Sparrow (with Northern Cardinal for scale) 3. ??
  17. Baldwin co. AL various dates 1. Ring-billed Gull (vs. Herring Gull) 2. Hairy vs Downy (may be impossible task due to poor picture quality) 3. ?Western Sandpiper--Estuary/Bay mudflats 4. ?Hairy Woodpecker--different day than #2, but may be same individual Mobile co. AL Public park & lake 16 Jan 2021 1. ?Neotropic Cormorant--this would be incredibly rare, but one was seen in Mississippi on Jan 19 2. ?White-crowned Sparrow
  18. 06 Feb 2021 Mobile co. AL; public lake & park mixed in a flock of American Robins
  19. 29 Jan 2021 Baldwin co. AL Longleaf/loblolly pines adjacent to mixed deciduous woods, spring-fed wetlands, and river Literally the south end of a north-bound bird. I just caught him before he disappeared behind the tree tops.
  20. 22 Jan 2021 Mobile co. AL Public lake & park; rainy 1 ?Hybrid Mallard + ?; had a golden eye 2. ?Hybrid Mallard + ? 3. ?? male and ?? female
  21. I am really upset by this, but can see both sides. My family was in the cattle business and many years ago, before I was born, the vultures became so numerous & brazen that they would attack & begin eating calves when the calves were still in the process of being birthed. My family had to secure federal permits to trap & dispatch the birds, but the permissions were very limited in time, area, and even the actual process of shooting the birds (they had to construct a sort of chute/trap and then shoot the birds once they were confined). Does anyone have any insight on this behavior by the birds and the best resolution strategies? Does hanging a vulture in effigy truly discourage other birds? https://www.wrbl.com/alabama-news-2/turkey-vultures-roosting-near-opelika-middle-school-creating-health-concerns-and-controversy/
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