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  1. 06 Mar 2021 Dale co AL Six turkeys today, mostly jakes and maybe one hen, but at least one gobbler who was fanning and dragging his wings in display. For ebird purposes, is this considered "Display", "Territorial Defense" or nothing as far as Breeding Codes?
  2. 18 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Brackish/saltwater marsh and surrounds 1. Immature male Painted Bunting. It was singing its heart out. Pic & 2 audio files. But should we have those here at this time? 20210518_085308 - Copy_ed.wav 20210518_085148 - Copy_ed.wav 2. Purple Gallinule (Lifer) 3. Cliff Swallow (Lifer)
  3. 14 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; brackish marsh/ wooded swamp. I just want to be sure I'm not mis-IDing. I usually hear the Red-eyeds call before I see them, but these 2 were completely silent the entire time I was there. Also, Red-eyeds not commonly seen at this particular hotspot.
  4. 14 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; mouth of Mobile-Tensaw delta; brackish swamp/marsh This sounds a lot like an Eastern Meadowlark, but the bird was calling from a thicket that was in standing water in the middle of a swampy landmass in the middle of a large body of water that can only be reached by the elevated boardwalk or by boat. No grasslands close by. Additionally, what appeared to be a warbler flushed from the thicket and the song stopped. I could not ID the flying warbler, but saw mostly/all yellow underparts and a much darker (?brown) head. Hooded Warbler was my best guess in the field, but I did/do not feel confident enough in that ID to submit it as such. So, I either had 2 different birds or they are one and the same. 20210514_090327 - Copy_ed.wav
  5. 07 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; coastal historical park with varying habitat--pine palmetto, flooded grassland, marsh, crumbling buildings, beach 1. Common Nighthawk--Previously, I've only gotten these guys when they are zipping highly aloft. 2. Female Summer Tanager--I wasn't sure about all the rustiness in the tail 3. All Greater Yellowlegs 4. Red-winged Blackbird with leucism of tail 5. I thought this was a Brown-headed Cowbird in the field, but now I'm wondering if this is some sort of raptor. Those feet are huge. He is banded. 6. This fellow was an incidental, so not the best capture. He looks to have long, greyish legs. I can't tell size or whether he has a sandpiper or plover beak, or the pattern on his back. Willet vs. Black-bellied Plover vs. something else entirely. 7. Is this a Western Sandpiper with the Semipalmated Plover?
  6. 08 May 2021; Baldwin co. AL; gulf beach 1. Sanderling (S), SEPA (SP) & ? 2. Western (W) & Sanderling (Sn) 3. L to R: Western & SESA
  7. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; gulf beach 1. Semipalmated Sandpipers (SP) & Least Sandpipers (L) & unknown 2. Least (3) 4. Least (4) 5. Least 6. I think all Least (6)
  8. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Bayside historical park; Heavily wooded with Live Oak, hickory, etc. Heavy brambles and thicket
  9. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; gulf beach 1. Sanderling--Winter plumage 2. Sanderling--coming into breeding plumage 3 & 4. L to R, both photos: SESA, Sanderling
  10. 07 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; gulf beach 1. Whimbrel-for confirmation 2. Gull-billed Tern--I don't see the yellow tip and bill looks too thick for Sandwich
  11. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; I think this is a Herring Gull, but his bill looks really bulbous. There were 2 of them.
  12. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Sea-/gulfside park with large areas of open grassland, surrounding woods, crumbling buildings 1. Female Blue Grosbeak 2. Immature European Starlings 3. Which blackbird sp? 4. Female Bobolink 5. Female Bobolink
  13. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Ft. Morgan peninsula. 2 different individuals from 2 separate sites. I thought they might both be the same species: Swainson's or Bicknell's? 1. Heavily wooded trail through historic site with Live Oak, abundant brambles & thickets. 2. Walking trail through NWR; Live Oak, pine palmetto, wetlands, beach
  14. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; seaside; grassy meadows flooded with fresh water from recent rains 1. Black Bellied Plovers--bill, shape, & size look good, but wondered if the back color was too solid? 2.. Least Sandpiper 3. Solitary Sandpiper 4. Spotted Sandpiper(s) 5. Upland Sandpiper 6. Western Sandpipers 7. ?
  15. 08 May 2021; Baldwin co. AL; Bayside public park; heavily wooded; cypress, palmetto, pine, wetlands; taken at/near dawn 1. Favor Pine Warbler 2. Unknown (and maybe unidentifiable) sleeping bird who is as much a morning person as my spouse. I see a single wing stripe, wings short relative to the notched tail and maybe a warbler-esque bill.
  16. ?Royal Tern--wing pattern & tail rule out Caspian
  17. 25 Apr 2021 Mobile co. AL; public lake & park 1. Orchard Orioles--male in lower part of frame and immature/females above; what I ID'd as female Orchards were 4 mustard-yellow birds flying in a quarrelsome group. I though either female oriole or tanager sp. The four fought while flying and when perched. I could not get a good look or shot of them due to their frenetic movements. Is such behavior consistent with female Orchards or does something else come to mind? 2. female/immature Orchard Oriole 3. Barn Swallow 4. Eastern Kingbird 5. ?Common Grackle--but his tail looks short 6. Brown-headed Cowbird vs. Shiny Cowbird vs. other blackbird sp. 7. Least Tern 8. Which Tern--it was a small tern, but bill looked too orange for Least, cap didn't look quite right for Forster's
  18. 21 Apr 2021 Gulf-side shell middens; heavily wooded with Live Oak, palmetto, cypress, hickory 1. Prothonotary Warbler 2. Common Grackle--our local Boat-taileds can have a yellow eye 3. ? Gleaning Bottle Brush in suburban yard 4. ?
  19. 21 Apr 2021 Mobile co. AL; Gulf-side shell middens, heavily wooded with Live Oak, palmetto, cypress, hickory 1. Swainson's Thrush 2. House Finch vs. Indigo Bunting 3. Yellow Warbler 4. Ovenbird 5. Wood Thrush 6. Female Prothonotary Warbler The following 2 were in a suburban yard across from the shell middens, gleaning Bottlebrush plants. 7. Tennessee Warbler 8. Northern Parula
  20. 21 Apr 2021 Mobile co. AL; Gulf-side shell middens with heavy vegetation, primarily palmetto, Live Oak, cedar, cypress, hickory
  21. 19 Apr 2021 Dale co. AL; public lake with heavily wooded hiking/walking path Sorry about the helicopters. 20210419_102132 - Copynl - Copy.wav
  22. 19 Apr 2021 Dale co. AL. walking trail around public lake; heavily wooded 1. Chipping Sparrow 2. ??--I thought Northern Parula, but too much yellow underneath, tail too long; considered Pine Warbler, but the eye arcs? 3. ? 4. Palm Warbler 5. Palm Warbler 6. Northern Rough-winged Swallow 7. Palm Warbler 8. ?Orchard Oriole
  23. This could have gone to the "LOL" thread due to the irony of situation. I attended my very first Alabama Ornithological Society meeting tonight. The Spring meeting is usually held at Dauphin Island-a major migratory flyway--but, was necessarily virtual this year, so many attendees were still at their homes in various areas of Alabama, far removed from the island. At meeting's start, it was noted that less than half of the those who registered were not yet online. Then the message came through that there was a fall-out occuring at Dauphin Island at that very moment and those absent birders were there. We have had constant, steady, and heavy flooding rain for the last 3 days, and when it let up for an hour or so, it "released" the birds. Some of the absentee birders came online from the field to report they were surrounded by wall-to-wall warblers. It's raining again now and won't let up again until 0600 tomorrow, so maybe we will have another fallout. ?
  24. 05 Apr 2021 Baldwin co. AL Bayside public park and lake with large trees, shrubs, and abundant brush
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