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  1. 07 Nov 2023 Baldwin co. AL; commercial sod fields
  2. 03 Nov 2023 Jefferson co. AL; municipal botanical garden; riding same thermals as a Red-tailed Hawk
  3. 3 Nov 2023 Jefferson co. AL; thicket, wooded trail in botanical gardens
  4. 30 August 2023 Baldwin co, AL; causeway over bay/delta. Tail too long for Common?
  5. 27 Aug 2023 Baldwin co. AL; small seasonal pond in agricultural field
  6. 22 August 2023 Baldwin co. AL; small season pond in agricultural field. Bird calling from thick vegetation at pond's edge; never came into view. Would like opinions based on your own human ears, as I have already consulted the various AI sources. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/605937311
  7. 17 Aug 2023 Baldwin co. AL; suburban yard; mobbed by jays et al
  8. 16 Aug 2023 Baldwin co. AL; within thick reeds at bayside park, heavy woods
  9. 06 Sep 2023 Shelby co. AL; cabin area surrounded by heavy woods in state park near small lake
  10. 13 June 2023 Baldwin co. AL; impound pond in agricultural field 1. 2.
  11. 13 Jun 2023 Baldwin co. AL; impound freshwater pond on agricultural land Red-winged Blackbird included for some semblance of a reference What I think I see: long tail & wings, horizontal posture, slightly down-curved bill
  12. 25 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; variably brackish marsh at public boat ramp; grass in standing water I was favoring King, as it seems too slow for Clapper. Thoughts? https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/577192171
  13. 25 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; grassy brackish marsh near public boat ramp. Grass in standing water. I was patiently waiting for one of 2 calling Clapper Rails to show itself when a Least Bittern and this guy suddenly flushed from the grass. I'm not sure what to make of the stripe along the back of the neck.
  14. 18 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside thick mixed woods, heavy thicket, and cypress swamp Merlin says American Redstart for 1 and nothing for 2 & 3 Audio & ebird spectrogram: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/575346181
  15. May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; mid-Mobile Bay Incidental in photo, so don't have a good idea of size. Favor Sanderling, but can't decide if that is a hind toe or not. Doesn't look streaky enough for peep sp. Apppreciate walk-throughs.
  16. 12 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park; small sand spit. Caspian Tern for scale
  17. 03 Apr 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bay/gulfside public park & ferry launch Flying with a Magnificient Frigatebird. Same size. In field, also called it MAFR. But those patches of white in the wings showed up in the pics--maybe not real and merely an artifact of bright sunshine. Thoughts? Was not subject of my photo, so not a good shot.
  18. 24 Mar 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside ferry launch I thought these (2 of therm) were female/immature Red-breasted Mergansers, but the bill looks too thick and the markings around the eye...
  19. 21 Mar 2023 Baldwin co. AL; seasonal pond in pasture
  20. 05 Mar 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside; in small cypress grove adjacent to inundated grassy shoreline. No wing bars, no markings on face (shadows in pic) or otherwise, bland color, bill looks black-bird like in flight shot, but IDK... I timed my shots perfectly to obscure any possibly helpful features...
  21. Hi, All. There have been several Bullock's Orioles (rare here) in the last few weeks at one particular site. I am good with IDs on the mature males, but the immatures and the females I find difficult to separate from Baltimore, which are also present at the same site. Advice? Four examples attached below. 1 2 3 4
  22. 19 Feb 2023 Baldwin co. AL; riparian woodlands; scattered homes nearby
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