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  1. 15 Dec 2022 Baldwin co. AL; sheltered portion of bay/delta. Head looks like a Lesser Scaup, but the rest of the bird, idk.
  2. Female Blue-winged Teal in back. I think front bird is also Blue-winged, but he looks a little weird.
  3. 15 Dec 2022 Baldwin co. AL; marsh along delta/bay in public park For scale, his prey is a Red-winged Blackbird. His eyes were yellow.
  4. 05 Dec 2022 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park Called this an Orange-crowned, but he was foraging very high in the canopy, which gave me pause. In with a large flock of Butter Butts.
  5. 27 Nov 2022 Baldwin co. AL; Mobile Bay near large group of American Coots and scattered Pied-billed Grebes
  6. 02 Nov 2022 Baldwin co. AL; Gulf/Bay front park with abundant natural areas Called this Blue Grosbeak in field--was heavily backlit. Took a quick pic and lightened it and now looks like there is streaking on the breast, so not so sure.
  7. 17 Oct 2022 Baldwin co. AL; small seasonal pond in agricultural field L--Green-winged Teal? R--??
  8. 11 Oct 2022 Baldwin co. AL; suburban yard Strong eyering. Did not vocalize.
  9. 08 Oct 2022 Baldwin co. AL; heavy mixed woods wings look a little dark for Summer, but bird overal mustard-yellow
  10. 07 Oct 2022 Baldwin co. AL Hubby took this pic in a parking lot. He said he did not recognize the bird. Identifiable?
  11. 26 Aug 2022 Baldwin co. AL; SP on island in delta mouth; abundant marsh, scattered patches of forest
  12. 12 Aug 2022; parking lot of bayside restaurant; distant from large group of Laughing Gulls Flesh-colored legs, long wings
  13. 12 Aug 2022 Baldwin co. AL; delta/bay; busy roadway 1. Forsters vs. Common giving me fits, especially in non-breeding plumage. With the exception of the obvious Black Tern, are the ones with the fuller cap (i.e. extending over back of head) Commons or are all Forster's? 2. Forster's vs. Common along wall; immature Black Tern vs. ? in flight?
  14. 05 Aug 2022 Baldwin co. AL; sandbar in river at delta mouth
  15. 02 Aug 2022 Baldwin co. AL; thick, low woods, rank with invasive grasses & trees I never saw the bird. Merlin and Birdnet say Kentucky Warbler, but we are not eat-up with those this time of year. Last one noted (ebird) in the county was on June 4th, a few miles north of this site. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/472105041
  16. 21 June 2022 Baldwin co. AL; emanating from thick grass at water's edge in heavily wooded & very lightly-traveled part of bayside public park. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/461407691
  17. 17 Jun 2022 Baldwin co. AL; deep woods of delta I have heard these many times, but this would be my Lifer photo/sighting, so confirmation or correction is appreciated! He seemed more shy than the other vireo species I've seen.
  18. 12 May 2022 Baldwin co. AL; Gulf beach at NWR I've never ID'd one in flight
  19. 06 May 2022 Baldwin co. AL; gulf-/bayside historic state park; heavy woods; during break in heavy thunderstorms 1. Cape May 2. Blackpoll vs. ? (2 photos)
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