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  1. 13 Jan 2021 Baldwin co. AL Heavily wooded bayfront trail coursing through cypress swamps & mixed piney woods & deciduous hardwoods 1. ?Ruby Crowned Kinglet--couldn't get a clear look at the face/upper parts; I thought the tail underside was too dark for a warbler sp. 2. ?Orange-Crowned Warbler--by tail pattern, undersides, and range 3. ?Pine Warbler vs. Yellow Rumped --he's quite dull, but pale neck/dark cheek, pale supralorals
  2. 10 Jan 2020 Mobile co. AL I see from the range maps, it shouldn't be a Summer Tanager, but it doesn't look like a Northern Cardinal to me, so IDK.
  3. 05 Jan 2021 Baldwin co AL Deep (pine & oak) woods adjacent to longleaf/loblolly pine stand and river I was reviewing photos and found this little fella hiding in the background of a photo I took of another bird. He is in deep shadow, so hard to tell colors, but upperparts are darker compared to lighter undersides that show some streaking/color; also appears to have a faint eye ring, & no wing bars. Photo 1 Photo 2
  4. 05 Jan 2021 Baldwin co. AL Any idea what species (or even just the genus) for this hummingbird? I have no shots of him in flight. This is a different individual than the confirmed Rufous that has been visiting. Is that a band on his right foot?
  5. Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL With the exception of the lone Fish Crow (heard & saw him call) to the far left, are these all Ring-billed Gulls?
  6. 27 De 2020 Baldwin co. AL estuarine environment I ID'd this as a Pine Warbler from other views. UTc are white and he has the dark "V" and spot pattern consistent with Pine Warbler, but he has yellow around the vent. Is yellow around the vent acceptable for Pine Warbler? If you only had the view from underneath (Photo 2) could a relatively secure ID be made on the "V", tail pattern, white UTc? Photo 1 Photo 2
  7. 28 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL; estuarine environment; heavy vegetation As compared to the Yellow-rumped Warbler, the bird towards the upper right of the warbler is larger, with a longer tail, and slimmer in profile. He is deep in shadow, but appears to have a rusty patch under the tail. I don't think those are true spots on the back/wing.
  8. 27 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL coastal marsh; ground forager/thick vegetation This was a very dark pic and unidentifiable (to me), but after lightening it, I think the stripe does not go all of the way through the eye and the wings show abundant reddish brown consistent with Swamp Sparrow?
  9. 30 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL stand of Longleaf/Loblolly/shortleaf pines adjacent to riparian wetlands These pics were taken a couple of hours apart and may or may not represent the same individual. The second photo may not be useful for any ID beyond "Accipiter".
  10. 27 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL Mudflats; estuarine environment 1. Left to Right (5 birds): Dunlin X4 and ?Least Sandpiper 2. L to R (5 birds): Dunlin, Least, ?, Dunlin, Willet 3. L to R (4 birds) same big guy from #2, 2 birds in center, bird in lower R corner 4. Black-bellied Plover
  11. 23 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL Another (or perhaps the same) hummingbird visited the feeder today. He had a rufous head, rufous-washed flanks, and a spot of dark rufous color on his upper throat. The remainder of this throat was white with greyish spotting. His bill looked very fixed/sturdy--or at least more so than the Ruby-Throats I'm used to. I was not able to see his back or take his pic before he flew off.
  12. 27 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL Scrub Palmetto/Beachside & Marsh/Ponds/Lagoons 1. Immature Pied-Billed Grebe 2. Bufflehead 3. Chipping Sparrow 4. Palm Warbler (never seen them here with the brown cap) vs. ? 5. ?? 6. Starling (who has had a bad day) vs. ? 7. House Wren 8. Yellow-Rumped Warbler--he has a lot of yellow on his breast, so I wasn't sure about him; we thought he was a BG Gnatcatcher at first, the way he was moving through the brush 9. Eastern Towhee? Spotted Towhee (not supposed to be here), I really have no idea on this one This last one is a repeat, but the Edit feature won't let me delete it
  13. 23 Dec 2020 Public pier on bay Before I started birding I knew all of the gulls of Alabama: 1) Laughing Gull 2) not a Laughing Gull Now that I know about Franklin's, I feel I don't even know Laughing Gulls anymore. In the past I would have called the 5 gulls in the background Laughing Gulls, but now I am wondering if the amount of dark grey on their heads is more consistent with Franklin's. Am I overanalyzing? I think the one in the foreground is a Ring-Billed
  14. 19 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL seasonal freshwater pond/agricultural land
  15. I posted this pic on another thread, and noticed the eye does not look clear/sharp. The eye looks similar in other shots.
  16. 15 Dec 2020 Baldwin co AL Bird was high up in a Live Oak (evergreen; thick leaf cover) I only saw his lower back & tail. Grey/dark with dark tail. Obvious stripes on flanks as seen from behind. I thought at first it was a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, but the rump was very pale. I could not tell if the tail was notched. I could not see the head. Did not flit through the branches, only sat briefly, then flew off.
  17. 12 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL. Deciduous wet woods adjacent to long leaf pine stand with abundant holly & Chinese privet (we are working on that) berries. There were 9 birds perched in a Prunus sp. They were backlit, so I couldn't see a lot of color detail of their heads & backs, but they had obviously yellow undersides and prominent crests. They let me look at them through my bins, but as soon as I brought up my long lens, they took off. 20201212_145541 - Copyed.wav
  18. 10 Dec 2020 Baldwin co AL; backyard; something got all the birds in a ruckus--probably a snake--they were flitting and fussing all over the place. Among the other bird calls (chickadee, titmouse, etc.) & heavy equipment noise, I think I hear a vireo of some type (?White-Eyed) at approx. 2, 6, 9, 12, 15, 21, 24. I hope the recording will be audible. The sound quality seems to diminish when I upload the wav file. Waiting for Santa to bring me a better system. 20201211_133835 - Copyed.wav
  19. 10 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL; public park; Estuarine environment/brackish + wet & piney woods 1. Great-Tailed vs. Boat-Tailed vs. Common Grackle. I know it shouldn't be a Great-Tailed, but that flat head & yellow eyes & he looked all black, and he can't seem to find a place to put that tail. 2. Killdeer--I never saw them from the front, but I think there are 2 bands & that bill looks too long for SEPL 3. ?Lincoln's Sparrow (vs. Song Sparrow)--I see a faint eye ring. I'm not sure how to interpret whether he has a buffy wash to the breast or not. 4. ?Sedge Wren vs (Winter Wren--but wrong habitat?)--he would not show me his face, but I thought too much barring for Carolina Wren. He was in the grass & ground-level vines at water's edge, no woods in this area, but there was quite a bit of thick, dead grass & vines in the area.
  20. 10 Dec 2020 Baldwin co AL; estuarine/marshy area I think it's LBHE, but the feet look really yellow.
  21. 23 Nov 2020 Baldwin co. AL Hi, All. I originally ID'd & posted this as a [immature] Forster's Tern, but, on reviewing it today, I think it might be a Sandwich Tern, as I see what appears to be dark legs. Thoughts?
  22. 02 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL Public Park & pier His head looks rounded to me, but never having personally ID'd either scaup species, I don't have a good point of reference, other than field guide photos.
  23. 09 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL; bayside ?Franklin's Gull 2nd from L. The eye arcs seem thick for Laughing Gull 2. ?Gull-Billed Terns vs. Sandwich Tern vs. Are they even terns??? They look fat for terns, short for gulls. Tails not right for gulls. Wings really pointy like terns. I'm lost on this one. 3. ?Laughing Gull (the relatively tiny one in the water toward the lower L corner)--but he seems so small
  24. 09 Dec 2020 Baldwin co., AL; public pier & park 1. ?Lesser Scaup (head peaked enough to call?) 2. ?Ring-Billed Gull--bill doesn't look heavy but the leg color seems odd 3. Royal Tern
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