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  1. 12 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park; small sand spit. Caspian Tern for scale
  2. 03 Apr 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bay/gulfside public park & ferry launch Flying with a Magnificient Frigatebird. Same size. In field, also called it MAFR. But those patches of white in the wings showed up in the pics--maybe not real and merely an artifact of bright sunshine. Thoughts? Was not subject of my photo, so not a good shot.
  3. 24 Mar 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside ferry launch I thought these (2 of therm) were female/immature Red-breasted Mergansers, but the bill looks too thick and the markings around the eye...
  4. 21 Mar 2023 Baldwin co. AL; seasonal pond in pasture
  5. 05 Mar 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside; in small cypress grove adjacent to inundated grassy shoreline. No wing bars, no markings on face (shadows in pic) or otherwise, bland color, bill looks black-bird like in flight shot, but IDK... I timed my shots perfectly to obscure any possibly helpful features...
  6. Hi, All. There have been several Bullock's Orioles (rare here) in the last few weeks at one particular site. I am good with IDs on the mature males, but the immatures and the females I find difficult to separate from Baltimore, which are also present at the same site. Advice? Four examples attached below. 1 2 3 4
  7. 19 Feb 2023 Baldwin co. AL; riparian woodlands; scattered homes nearby
  8. 26 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL; with large flock of Canada Geese. Freshwater pond (impound) in farmland Bill looks too large & not the proper shape for Snow Goose, and I don't see the grin patch. Canada Goose included for reference
  9. 14 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL; fresh to brackish bay; roadside with abundant rocky rip-rap and small mudflat I think this is a Dunlin, but also considered Purple Sandpiper. Looking/shooting into the sun, so could not appreciate markings & colors adequately, so going on overall shape of bird & bill. Pontifications on the subject are encouraged and appreciated. 😀
  10. 09 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL; fresh to brackish marsh Duck in foreground (not the American Coot)
  11. 09 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; freshwater fish pond (impound)
  12. 09 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL fresh to brackish marsh
  13. 02 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL; At first thouht Rufous, but no rufous wash on sides.
  14. 15 Dec 2022 Baldwin co. AL; sheltered portion of bay/delta. Head looks like a Lesser Scaup, but the rest of the bird, idk.
  15. Female Blue-winged Teal in back. I think front bird is also Blue-winged, but he looks a little weird.
  16. 15 Dec 2022 Baldwin co. AL; marsh along delta/bay in public park For scale, his prey is a Red-winged Blackbird. His eyes were yellow.
  17. 05 Dec 2022 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park Called this an Orange-crowned, but he was foraging very high in the canopy, which gave me pause. In with a large flock of Butter Butts.
  18. 27 Nov 2022 Baldwin co. AL; Mobile Bay near large group of American Coots and scattered Pied-billed Grebes
  19. 02 Nov 2022 Baldwin co. AL; Gulf/Bay front park with abundant natural areas Called this Blue Grosbeak in field--was heavily backlit. Took a quick pic and lightened it and now looks like there is streaking on the breast, so not so sure.
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