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  1. I live in Florida but am visiting Sedona, so I don't know the local gentry. I was in the backyard and saw two birds approx 300 yards away and so were silhouetted, therefore I couldn't see detail. They would leave the branch, hover like a hummingbird, even darting laterally, and did so such that I could see that their wingspace was a blur of movement. Then, it made a downward swoop in the shape of a "J" SO fast, like nothing I've ever seen a living creature do. I'm not being hyperbolic. It reminded me of the video of Navy pilots describing UFOs that they say moved like nothing they've ever seen. (For reference, in this same time frame I saw Woodhouse Scrub Jays, Lesser Goldfinches, Cardinals, Cassin's/House Finches, and possibly a Phainopepla.) Thank you
  2. 14 May 2017 Papago Park Phoenix AZ ?Brown Thrasher...but the grey on the back seems weird.
  3. Please ID this swallow....taken today in Maricopa County, Arizona. TY
  4. Please ID this swallow taken today in Maricopa County, Arizona. TY
  5. Hi there ?, these birds were taken in flight in full sun which limited my view. The three birds in third photo seem to be three different sps. Any help is appreciated. Taken today.
  6. Arivaca Cienega, SE AZ 4-10-20 Brown Crested? Sulpher-bellied? Cassin's Kingbird? Thanks
  7. Cooper's or Sharpie? I'm guessing Coop due to light nape. This was the only photo I could get and I didn't want to hang around and disturb her.
  8. Seen today in scottsdale, Arizona(maricopa county). Which sub sps of red tailed hawk ? TY
  9. Taken yesterday in Maricopa County, AZ yesterday. Noted the rufous coloration mostly on wings.
  10. Taken yesterday in Phoenix, AZ. Would you call this coot a white shield variety? TIA
  11. Taken today in Maricopa County, AZ. Tail didn’t look red to me.
  12. Taken recently in Pinal County, Arizona. Seen with brewer’s blackbird. Sorry for the blurry photo. Isn’t this a cow bird?
  13. Hi, All. I apologize if I have posted this pic previously, but I can neither find the post nor recall if I posted. Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ. May 2017
  14. These photos taken recently in scottsdale, Arizona. Does not look like a typical mallard to me. Has a breast spot also. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Saw this very deep diving loon today in maricopa county, Arizona. Saw it come up only once in 30 minutes when I took photos. Bill looked yellow but thought it was because of morning sun. Common loons are there and saw a few. Since this loon was a deep diver, went back to same location and spent 45 minutes only to see it dive but didn’t spend much time on water to get photos. Enclosing photos I took the very first time I saw it. I am thinking it could be yellow billed based on photos but it would be mega rare here. Appreciate any comments,suggestions,ID.
  16. Please ID this duck taken today in Maricopa County, Arizona. one of the photos shows size comparison with canvas backs. TIA
  17. These photos were taken on 1/5/19 at camp Verde, Arizona. We saw the raptor across the street from a busy highway. Could not get better views than this. Appreciate your help with ID.
  18. I saw this duck in flight today in Maricopa County, Arizona over a lake. Is it a scaup?...may be greater. Any help is appreciated.
  19. Seen today in Scottsdale, AZ. Is this a cardinal hybrid with pyrrhuloxia? any help is appreciated.
  20. Taken today in Scottsdale. Bald eagles are common in this location. But Merlin is saying golden eagle. It was very high and I saw it briefly. pls clarify.
  21. Taken today in SCOTTSDALE, Maricopa County, Arizona. Is this a Muscovy and mallard hybrid? Hanging out with mallards. TY
  22. Hi, this was taken today in scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona. I am not sure but leaning towards blue grosbeak. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  23. Taken today in Maricopa County. Is it rose breasted or black headed grosbeak? thank you
  24. I did not see this bird in person, my husband took the pic. May 2017.
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