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  1. 22 Jan 2024 Baldwin co. AL; [mostly] freshwater lake 1. Redhead 2. Ring-necked 3. Ring-necked
  2. 13 Jun 2023 Baldwin co. AL; impound freshwater pond on agricultural land Red-winged Blackbird included for some semblance of a reference What I think I see: long tail & wings, horizontal posture, slightly down-curved bill
  3. 12 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park; small sand spit. Caspian Tern for scale
  4. 03 Apr 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bay/gulfside public park & ferry launch Flying with a Magnificient Frigatebird. Same size. In field, also called it MAFR. But those patches of white in the wings showed up in the pics--maybe not real and merely an artifact of bright sunshine. Thoughts? Was not subject of my photo, so not a good shot.
  5. 05 Mar 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside; in small cypress grove adjacent to inundated grassy shoreline. No wing bars, no markings on face (shadows in pic) or otherwise, bland color, bill looks black-bird like in flight shot, but IDK... I timed my shots perfectly to obscure any possibly helpful features...
  6. 09 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; freshwater fish pond (impound)
  7. 08 Oct 2022 Baldwin co. AL; heavy mixed woods wings look a little dark for Summer, but bird overal mustard-yellow
  8. 07 Oct 2022 Baldwin co. AL Hubby took this pic in a parking lot. He said he did not recognize the bird. Identifiable?
  9. 12 Aug 2022 Baldwin co. AL; delta/bay; busy roadway 1. Forsters vs. Common giving me fits, especially in non-breeding plumage. With the exception of the obvious Black Tern, are the ones with the fuller cap (i.e. extending over back of head) Commons or are all Forster's? 2. Forster's vs. Common along wall; immature Black Tern vs. ? in flight?
  10. 06 May 2022 Baldwin co. AL; gulf-/bayside historic state park; heavy woods; during break in heavy thunderstorms 1. Cape May 2. Blackpoll vs. ? (2 photos)
  11. 29 Mar 2022 Baldwin co. AL; suburban yard; high in Live Oak canopy I thought Yellow-throated Vireo, but see no wing bars
  12. 28 Mar 2022 Baldwin co. AL; state park at delta mouth 1. Common Loon--although I don't see the trailing feet 2. Cliff (pale collar, pale undersides, spotted UTc, pale rufous rump ) vs. Barn (seems to have rusty forehead) 3. Favor Cliff 4. This one looks pretty clearly to be Cliff 5. White-eyed Vireo
  13. 14 Mar 2022 Baldwin co. AL; public park at delta mouth; freshwater (predominantly)-to-brackish marsh, woods 1. Least SP 2. Blue-winged Teal 3. Lesser YLs 4. Orange-crowned
  14. 27 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; bayside/riverside state park/campground
  15. Wow! My first birding excursion to a landfill today and I was completely overwhelmed with the sheer number of birds--both individuals and species. I will have to mentally prepare myself next time I go...and I will definitely take the truck rather than my Fusion. ? Also, the booth attendant was welcoming and knowledgeable about what birds had been seen recently. Next stop--the sewage lagoons.
  16. 17 Jan 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public pier I thought ROTE at first glance, but he has orange legs and a bit of a dark tip, so then I though Common Tern (which would be a Lifer), but wasn't sure if COTE would have that much of a clean forehead & crown.
  17. 05 Jan 2022 Baldwin co, AL; smalll waterfowl refuge alongside busy highway over small bay
  18. 05 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park, heavily wooded, cypress swamp, pine palmetto, oak/magnolia 1. Flying like a swallow. Northern Rough-winged vs. just a EUST 2. maybe same bird as #1 3. Thought this was a White-breasted Nuthatch but he looks odd 4. Blackburnian vs. other warbler sp. 5. Best guess is Eastern Wood Peewee, but that tail is short.
  19. 13 Nov 2021 Baldwin co AL; heavy mixed woods, wetlands 1. Small bird; mid to high canopy 2. Warbler sp.?
  20. 11 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL; over Mobile Bay close to bay beach (sand, mud flats) Under the American Avocet--could this be a Stilt Sandpiper? The other 3 appear to be yellowlegs, but those bills seem thin.
  21. 11 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL; small seasonal pond in agricultural field 1. Savannah Sparrow 2. Either a female or an immature Red-winged Blackbird. Constantly flicking tail. The colors on this bird were gorgeous.
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