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  1. 12 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; base of delta fresh-to-brackish; marsh, thin woods 1. Sparrow #1 2. Sparrow #2 3. Yellow Warbler 4. ?? 5. Sora 6. Indigo Bunting
  2. 11 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; suburban yard; mixed flock If I am wrong in my ID, guidance in making the correct ID would be appreciated! 1. Tennesee 2. Black-throated Green--much wavering on this one
  3. 03 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; abandoned homesite; heavy woods; river; wetlands 20211003_141922ed2.wav
  4. 29 Sept 2021 Baldwin co AL; large bayside public park with heavily wooded walking paths; beach; cypress swamp, pines, upland wet mixed woods Feeding mid- to high-canopy in upland wet mixed woods
  5. 27 Sept 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park; walking paths, drive, thin woods, small duck ponds MimicThrush_2021-09-27 0845ed.wav
  6. 22 Sept 2021 Baldwin co. AL; suburban yard I recognize the usual Carolina Chickadee call toward the end of the recording; the one I don't recognize is the high-pitched call, heard mostly in the first 24 seconds. BirdNet ID'd as Pacific Slope Flycatcher, but that would be a little weird here. 2021-09-22 1342ed2.wav
  7. 27 Sept 2021 Baldwin co. AL; small bayside public park with pier & beach & thinly-wooded (pine, cypress, oak) walking trail adjacent to park's drive 1. European Starling vs. ?--small flock of 5 2. European Starling (different individual than #1)-it was perched in a tree with some other unidentified songbirds and a Cooper's Hawk took one of the group before I could ID 3. Marsh Wren vs. Carolina Wren who saw something he shouldn't have
  8. 25 Sept 2021 Baldwin co. AL; large agricultural patch with pasture/cropland, ponds
  9. 16 Aug 2021 Baldwin co. AL; heavy oak/pine woods with adjacent wetland (seep, springs) Eastern Wood-Peewee (due to the long wings & tail) vs. other flycatcher sp. He flew down to a dead limb just a few feet above the ground--I think to investigate me rather than forage as I did not see him sally or flycatch.
  10. 21 Aug 2021 Baldwin co. AL; small seasonal freshwater pond 1. Blue-winged Teals 2. Greater Yellowlegs
  11. 22 Aug 2022; Baldwin co. AL; heavily wooded unimproved acreage with oak/pine/poplar; abundant springs/seeps; adjacent longleaf pine stand; bird high in canopy, gleaning & hanging "chickadee-like" among heavy grapevines
  12. 21 Jul 2021 Baldwin co. AL; heavy mixed hardwood forest with incorporated wetland sink & adjacent to pine savannah Heard only. 20210721_093159 - Copyed.wav
  13. 23 Jul 2021 Baldwin co. AL; sand spit at mouth of delta (river into bay) 1. Ignoring the Laughing Gulls, I see 2 Caspian, 1 Royal, and numerous Gull-billed & Least. Anybody else hiding in the group? 2. ?Forsters (BIF on left)
  14. 16 Jul 2021; bayside public park with heavily-wooded oak/hickory/pine/cypress, heavy understory; swamp/marsh/beach. Call in question is marked with yellow dot. 20210716_092215 - Copyed.wav
  15. 09 Jun 2021 Baldwin co. AL; delta/estuarine habitat The fairly even call throughout. 20210609_101343 - Copyed.wav
  16. 08 Jun 2021 Baldwin co.AL; trail through heavy oak/pine woods I see spots on the tail but the bill looks long
  17. 07 Jun 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Mobile Bay Forster's vs. juvenile Sandwich vs. ? Orangish legs that appear to be in transition to dark in Series 2, dark bill. Series 1 (2 photos): Series 2 (3 photos):
  18. May 2020; Baldwin co. AL unk_20200503_084634 - Copyed.wav
  19. Apologies if this is a repeat post. I couldn't find it in my list of attachments. BirdNET's best estimate was Black-crowned Tchagra. I disagree. lol. The singer, whoever he may be, is quite melodious. 20200821_111830 - Copyed.wav
  20. 07 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; coastal historical park with varying habitat--pine palmetto, flooded grassland, marsh, crumbling buildings, beach 1. Common Nighthawk--Previously, I've only gotten these guys when they are zipping highly aloft. 2. Female Summer Tanager--I wasn't sure about all the rustiness in the tail 3. All Greater Yellowlegs 4. Red-winged Blackbird with leucism of tail 5. I thought this was a Brown-headed Cowbird in the field, but now I'm wondering if this is some sort of raptor. Those feet are huge. He is banded. 6. This fellow was an incidental, so not the best capture. He looks to have long, greyish legs. I can't tell size or whether he has a sandpiper or plover beak, or the pattern on his back. Willet vs. Black-bellied Plover vs. something else entirely. 7. Is this a Western Sandpiper with the Semipalmated Plover?
  21. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; gulf beach 1. Semipalmated Sandpipers (SP) & Least Sandpipers (L) & unknown 2. Least (3) 4. Least (4) 5. Least 6. I think all Least (6)
  22. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Sea-/gulfside park with large areas of open grassland, surrounding woods, crumbling buildings 1. Female Blue Grosbeak 2. Immature European Starlings 3. Which blackbird sp? 4. Female Bobolink 5. Female Bobolink
  23. 19 Mar 2021 Mobile co.; creekside public gardens with ornamental ponds & woodland trails ?House Wren Baldwin co.; Mobile Bay; narrow area of shoreline frequented by fishermen, adjacent to numerous restaurants, & alongside a busy highway ?Great Black-backed Gull (Laughing Gull for semblance of scale)
  24. 16 Mar 2021 Baldwin co. AL I looked out the window to see a Carolina Wren flattened to an incredibly small lump on one of the feeders and in a strange posture. He was looking at me with a weird, rather imploring expression (realizing I'm anthropomorphizing). Thinking he might have been injured, or infected with the dreaded Salmonella, I got up to go see about him, but before I opened the door, a Cooper's Hawk swooped down and attempted to pluck a bird from another feeder. The wren remained as motionless as when I first saw him until a good 7 or 8 minutes had passed, then another Carolina Wren began to sing loudly from a very open & visible perch--I suppose giving the "all-clear". At this apparent signal, the wren at the feeder began to feed and the second "lookout" wren joined in at an adjacent feeder. It was fascinating to watch.
  25. 15 Mar 2021 Baldwin co. AL fenced, suburban yard fully enclosed by privacy fence with abundant native evergreen shrubbery & trees. Small bird, only got a quick peak, remained partially obscured by vegetation. Color Pattern: 2 well-defined, though thin, white wing bars Quite a bit of yellow on head/face contrasting with pale/whitish throat Possibly a yellow eyering &/or spectacles Light yellow on flanks contrasting with lighter belly. No streaks. No discernable pattern on back, appeared uniform in color and did not flash any color when he flew I did not see him from the underside Behavior: Quickly flitting up & down, back & forth from branch to branch of a crabapple whose leaf and flower buds are emerging. He did not exhibit "fly-catching" behavior nor upside down/dangling Chickadee-like behavior. When he saw me, he immediately darted into thick shrubbery. This was not an American Goldfinch nor a Yellow-rumped Warbler. I thought White-eyed Vireo, but wasn't sure if they would come to a backyard or feed at that height (approx. 6-8 ft.). Previously, I have seen or head them only in more thickly wooded areas. Are there other possibilities I should consider?
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