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Found 14 results

  1. 19 Mar 2021 Mobile co.; creekside public gardens with ornamental ponds & woodland trails ?House Wren Baldwin co.; Mobile Bay; narrow area of shoreline frequented by fishermen, adjacent to numerous restaurants, & alongside a busy highway ?Great Black-backed Gull (Laughing Gull for semblance of scale)
  2. 16 Mar 2021 Baldwin co. AL I looked out the window to see a Carolina Wren flattened to an incredibly small lump on one of the feeders and in a strange posture. He was looking at me with a weird, rather imploring expression (realizing I'm anthropomorphizing). Thinking he might have been injured, or infected with the dreaded Salmonella, I got up to go see about him, but before I opened the door, a Cooper's Hawk swooped down and attempted to pluck a bird from another feeder. The wren remained as motionless as when I first saw him until a good 7 or 8 minutes had passed, then another Caro
  3. 15 Mar 2021 Baldwin co. AL fenced, suburban yard fully enclosed by privacy fence with abundant native evergreen shrubbery & trees. Small bird, only got a quick peak, remained partially obscured by vegetation. Color Pattern: 2 well-defined, though thin, white wing bars Quite a bit of yellow on head/face contrasting with pale/whitish throat Possibly a yellow eyering &/or spectacles Light yellow on flanks contrasting with lighter belly. No streaks. No discernable pattern on back, appeared uniform in color and did not flash any color when he flew I di
  4. 10 Mar 2021 Baldwin co. AL ; Mobile Bay I couldn't discern leg color, but that black at the edge of the wing stood out
  5. 15 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; saltwater marsh & bay; pine/cypress/palmetto wetlands 1. Northern Pintail? 2. Tree Swallow? Much of the time they flew just above the water's surface 3. Weird angle, but is this just a Northern Mockingbird? It seemed small...
  6. 15 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; Estuary/Bay I can't decide if these female scaup are Greater or Lesser.
  7. 08 Feb 2021 Wooded private yard next to small bayside park; singing from high in trees 20210208_112044 - Copy.wav
  8. 27 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL coastal marsh; ground forager/thick vegetation This was a very dark pic and unidentifiable (to me), but after lightening it, I think the stripe does not go all of the way through the eye and the wings show abundant reddish brown consistent with Swamp Sparrow?
  9. 30 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL stand of Longleaf/Loblolly/shortleaf pines adjacent to riparian wetlands These pics were taken a couple of hours apart and may or may not represent the same individual. The second photo may not be useful for any ID beyond "Accipiter".
  10. 19 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL seasonal freshwater pond/agricultural land
  11. 12 Dec 2020 Baldwin co. AL. Deciduous wet woods adjacent to long leaf pine stand with abundant holly & Chinese privet (we are working on that) berries. There were 9 birds perched in a Prunus sp. They were backlit, so I couldn't see a lot of color detail of their heads & backs, but they had obviously yellow undersides and prominent crests. They let me look at them through my bins, but as soon as I brought up my long lens, they took off. 20201212_145541 - Copyed.wav
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