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  1. 12 Mar 2022 Baldwin co. AL; one was seen at this particular site earlier in the day
  2. 10 Mar 2022 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park; marsh, mudflats, low tide Favor maturing Forster's--bill looks dark
  3. 28 Jan 2022 Baldwin co AL; Large man-made freshwater pond 1 and 3-5 appear to have slightly drooping/curved, long bills, so I thought Dunlin
  4. 26 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; sod fields In the field, I could see the yellow above the eye (see 2nd photo)
  5. 24 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; Gulf beach Herring Gull, 1st Winter/cycle ??
  6. 14 Jan 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bay/gulfside public park/historic fort; open grassland, thin woods
  7. 10 Jan 2022 Baldwin co. AL; small waterfowl refuge in small bay alongside busy highway tail finely barred; head almost white except for that odd moustachial stripe; kiting for a long while in very strong headwind before perching on road sign
  8. 01 Dec 2021 Baldwin co. AL; abandoned homesite; heard from within very thick privet thicket https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/392581411
  9. 01 Dec 2021 Baldwin co. AL; small season pond on agricultural parcel I still have problems IDing non-breeding shorebirds
  10. 30 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL bayside public park; heavily wooded boardwalk trails; beach, cypress swamp, pines, palmetto 1. Pretty sure it's a Black-bellied, I don't see any golden hues, but that eyestripe is really crisp 2. Savannah Sparrow--but the bill looks wrong and the bird looks beefy 3. Carolina Wren, but would the flank barring indicate it came from Texas?
  11. 24 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL suburban yard I could never get a good look at the tail, but he seemed too big for a Sharpie as he cruised by the (empty) feeders a couple of times Might explain why there have been very few avian visitors lately.
  12. 11 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL; I know he has 2 tiny black spots, but I favor Hairy
  13. 11 Nov 2021; Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park; heavily wooded trails; cypress swamps; feeding very high in a tall pine Help me out with field marks when you can't see the face nor the coloration.
  14. 31 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; small seasonal pond in agricultural field. I commonly see shorebirds, herons, egrets, ducks, buteos, kestrels, Northern Harrier, and snipe here. There were 2 Killdeer and 5 immature Black-bellied Whistling ducks here when I recorded this (there had been 7 plus the mother a few days prior ? ), but none appeared to be making the call. It is the quick, fairly regular, monotone call. Could be a herp. 2021-10-31 1805 - Copyed.wav
  15. 8 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public park; beach, pier, scattered trees, small duck ponds; elderly people doing tai chi... 1. First Winter Ring-billed 2. Juvenile Herring Gull--huge gull, checkered back 3. Least Sandpiper--small; scalloped/edged feathers, yellow legs 4. Red-shouldered Hawk vs. Broad-winged--Buteo with longish tail; never got a good frontal or undertail view As always, if my IDs are wrong, please share how to arrive at the proper one(s). ?
  16. 09 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; suburban neighborhood Lots of "smacking" and run-on phrases quickly repeated once, twice, or rarel 4 times, including imitations of TUTI, WOTH, Eastern Bluebird, White-eyed Vireo, Chuck-will's Widow. 20211009_062204 - Copyed.wav
  17. 02 Nov 2021 baldwin co. AL; public park at delta; walking trails through moderate pine/hickory woods 1. I think just bad angles of Myrtle 2. ?
  18. 02 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL; estuary/marsh; delta 1. Bird to left looks like a grebe sp. & appears to have a red eye; bird to right, cormorant (bill looked good for that) vs. loon (appears to be a paleness to the throat) but not holding bill like our usual Common Loon. 2. Blue-winged Teal vs. teal sp. vs. other; I don't see any creamy line at the tails.
  19. 02 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL; public park/campground; delta/estuary; wooded pine/hickory trails
  20. 02 Nov 2021 Baldwin co. AL; estuary/delta; among reeds in standing water I don't see the heavy streaking on the back that the Marsh Wren should have, but the habitat was wrong for Winter Wren
  21. 31 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; abandoned homesite; in mixed flock Bill looks long, fairly thick (I thought unwarbler-like), and somewhat down-turning Can you walk me through the ID?
  22. 30 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; seaside; coastal scrub habitat/dunes. Due to sun, I could not get an appreciation (nor a photo) of face pattern, but there does not appear to be an eyebrow or line present.
  23. 30 Oct 2021 Baldwin co. AL; beach; flushed from vegetated dunes where they were feeding on Sea Oats.
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