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Found 4 results

  1. I have an observation and a question that some may find of interest? On my property and the surrounding area where I live, we have a pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks, a pair of Broad-winged Hawks and a plethora of Barred Owls ( I know some don't consider owls to be a raptor). I find it interesting on how there is enough food and good habitat to support all three of these living basically in the exact same domain. I realize that the owl will hunt at night so that makes some sense but since all three eat basically the same diet, how do you suppose they avoid the interference? The hawks are raising young. Is this unusual or not?
  2. Baldwin co. AL Sept 2021 Hi, All. We have had resident Barred Owls for the 20+ years we have lived in our suburban neighborhood. They call frequently (and raucously) at night and commonly in the daytime, also, and it is not unusual for them to fly through or perch for a time in the yard. My question: Other than mating season & contact calls between mates/family members, at what other times would a Barred Owl hoot? I ask, because a couple of days ago, in the late afternoon (still full daylight), a lone Barred was hooting from fairly low in a tree, then dropped to the ground behind some shrubbery, then flew back into the canopy to a different perch. It looked as though he/she were taking prey, but I thought it odd the owl would call attention to itself with hooting if that were the case. There was no reply from any other owl that I could hear. Thoughts?
  3. I need some help to figure out how to see these birds. I hear them behind my house just before dark but when I go into the woods to see them they are like ghosts. Does anyone have any tips on how I can see them? Should I carry a high powered flashlight into the woods with me? Will that be a bad idea? Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. I have a few more questions about these owls that have moved in behind my property. I'm hoping that someone on here knows more about them. It seems like there are at least 2 of them but maybe more. They hoot about 30 minutes before dark and about 30 minutes after sunrise every morning. My first question is... Do you think that they have found a nest site and are planning on raising owls? They have a lot of competition with the Red-Shouldered Hawks that live there but I guess they hunt at night and the hawks do not? We have a very large chipmunk and grey squirrel population so is that what the owls will be eating? Is there anything that I can do to get a better look at them? They seem to be very good and not being seen. Thanks for the information on this. I have never spent much time researching owls because I have never had them so close to me.
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