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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, Due to the cold weather outside, I'm revisiting old pictures of past birding trips to find birds I have ignored. Here are 3 pictures of a Myiarchus flycatcher, I took in West Belize (near Mountain Pine Ridge), on December 29, 2015. These are the only 3 pictures I have of this bird. According to my 'Birds of Belize' book, I have 4 options: Dusky-capped (the most common), Great-crested, Yucatan (both less common) and Brown-crested (definitively the least common). I can't decide which is it. Any help will be welcomed. Thanks
  2. I know this is a long shot - but is there any way to identify this as a Black-collard Hawk? Perhaps by ruling out all other possibilities? I was thinking only Osprey would be my other choice with that white head? The habitat seems perfect for the hawk - large water canal. Photo was taken last week on the way from Belize City to Lamanai Ruins (from my bus lol). First photo is cropped some, bird in question is on the far right. Lots of birds in the photo egrets, cormorants etc. Thank you.
  3. Photo taken Thursday from bus on the way to Lamanai Belize. Thank you.
  4. Photo taken yesterday in Lamanai, Belize. The local tour guide identified it as a Snail Kite and I was looking for conformation. After researching I believe it is a female in behind the cormorant. Thank you.
  5. Yesterday I took a Mayan Ruins tour at Lamanai in Belize. One of our guides was a birder and she took my camera and took this photo. She said it is a very desirable bird to photograph and called it a Motmot. Are there more than one kind of Motmot birds? She said it is very shy and secretive and it was feeding off of trees they called "horseballs". Thank you.
  6. Wasn't sure if this is a greater or lesser Kiskadee? The second photo shows the back of the head and how far the white extends. Also, you can see some yellow on top of the head. Thank you.
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