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Found 14 results

  1. Please help me identify these birds! I know nothing about birds but I found a nest and turned my security camera around to view them. I have all kinds of photos and footage and I’d love to know what kind of birds these are. They’re in Northwest Florida and I found them on 4/24/24. Thanks!
  2. 🏡Here is the answer: Hi Community! It's Tina Ocean from RobinsNote. I’ll be sharing daily bird anecdotes or bird identification tips in this lovely community. Hope you find these shares both enjoyable and informative. Together, let’s embark on a journey to protect and cherish our feathered friends 🧡 Warm regards, Tina Ocean
  3. Hi, I am located in St. Catherine Jamaica, about a week ago in the night at the end of my avenue my friend I were walking and we heard some kind of loud bird. I must first apologize for not currently having audio to post (I will try to record it if I hear it this week). The sound it makes when doing it at full blast sounds like creepy laughter, we look up and around at the massive mango tree and cannot see the bird. I fully understand that persons here wont be able to help much with limited data but I would like to know if anyone knows of a bird that is 1) found in the Caribbean 2) Is nocturnal 3) Makes loud noise that sounds like creepy laughter I have heard about barred owls but I listened to their sound online and it sounds different. I will post audio when I can, thanks in advance and sorry for my English and limited info
  4. Hello, I am going through some old photos from Montana taken last Summer, and I've been trying to ID all the birds I saw. As a Floridian, I am not as familiar with some of these. Let me know if I am correct! 1.Cassin's Finch Female 2.Clay-Colored Sparrow 3.Slate-Colored Fox Sparrow 4.Ruby-Crowned Kinglet? 5.Golden-Crowned Kinglet? 6.Hammond's Flycatcher or Least Flycatcher. 7.Willow Flycatcher 8.Willow Flycatcher 7.Hammond's Flycatcher? 8.Western-Wood Peewee 9.9. This is the most difficult one in my opinion. I am pretty sure it is a juvenile Yellow-Rumped (Audubon's) Warbler. Note the yellow throat, thinner beak, and insectivorous diet. Thank you for the help! Those flycatchers were tricky...
  5. Sri Lanka Scaly Thrush (Zoothera imbricate) A rare shy forest loving ground thrush with olive brown above with rufous buff underparts. The scaly pattern all over the body and a larger and longer bill with its chunky appearance make identification easy. It is confined to lower hills and higher elevations. Spends most of its time on the ground turning over the dead leaves looking for insect food.
  6. Hi all! I am new to the website and to birding. I've got some field guides but sometimes that's not quite enough, so I am hoping someone's expertise can help me out here! The bird was seen along the Fox River in Waukesha, WI, at a very urban section of the river that is pretty much always populated with people. It's where the river junctions with North Barstow street in downtown Waukesha - in case you wanted to google maps it. It was flying in, chasing after smaller birds, and then it landed in this tree RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD for just a minute or two and then it was gone! My guess is Cooper's or Sharp-shinned, seems difficult to tell the difference. Thanks in advance for any help! Ryan
  7. Not a great photo but at least caught this. This bird showed up new as I just put up a Suet Cake feeder and likes it very much. I have never seen this bird in our area before so new to me. Can you help me with identity?
  8. 10 downloads

    Here is a photo story of me and my Purple Martins. I thought you might enjoy it.
  9. Hello all, I live in Toronto and just had a visitor to my yard that I have never seen before. It's small bird (a bit smaller than a sparrow) and appears to be olive/green on top with yellow tones on the breast/belly, has a white (maybe tan) eye ring and long, narrow bill. At first I thought it was a female/juvenile Goldfinch but when I zoomed in with my camera I didn't see the familiar wing markings of a Goldfinch and the bill looked different. Also the body shape of this bird looks different from a Goldfinch. This bird is roundish. I'm thinking a female Connecticut Warbler. My area is along their migration path. I have attached a picture. My apologies for the quality. This bird kept to the shadows and at the far reaches of my zoom lens. Thanks. Karen
  10. Today I spotted this beautiful bird in Oak Brook, IL, on top of a car hanging out in a shopping center parking lot. Upon closer look, he had a blue and yellow tag on both legs. Looks like a pigeon but not sure what kind of bird this is. Please help!
  11. I know. Cell phone photos suck but aren’t they better than no photos? Portland, Maine. February 2019. Dove sized, owl like? Sitting quietly in a small fruit tree with lots of branches that waxwings and robins visit 6E0020B9-4147-4179-A220-D44761F2857F.mp4
  12. What Type of flycatcher is this? taken in southern California.
  13. This photo was a bit of a challenge. The bird was in darkened shadows, with just a hint of light in the background. I decided to use backlighting and hope for the best.
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