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Found 6 results

  1. 🏡Here is the answer: Hi Community! It's Tina Ocean from RobinsNote. I’ll be sharing daily bird anecdotes or bird identification tips in this lovely community. Hope you find these shares both enjoyable and informative. Together, let’s embark on a journey to protect and cherish our feathered friends 🧡 Warm regards, Tina Ocean
  2. Help Save the Brixen Floodplain Forest and Its Wildlife! Dear Forum Members, We need your urgent support in protecting the precious Brixen floodplain forest and its unique biodiversity, especially endangered bird species. The planned expansion of the Progress Group’s high-tech plant threatens irreversible destruction to this vital habitat. Save 64 Bird Species: The Brixen floodplain forest is a critical habitat for 64 bird species, including 29 species that breed in the area (Gray flycatcher, the wryneck, the gray woodpecker, the nightingale, the wood warbler, the hoopoe etc.) Protect Irreplaceable Biodiversity: The loss of the floodplain forest and its habitats would be irreversible. Preserve an Ecologically Vital Habitat: The Brixen floodplain forest plays a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance. As one of the last riparian forests in the Eisack Valley, it provides a range of essential ecological services, including flood regulation, water purification, and carbon sequestration. The Brixen floodplain forest is a treasure trove of biodiversity and one of the last of its kind in the Eisack Valley. With only 0.6% of South Tyrol’s forest area being riparian forests, they are exceptionally rare habitats. It provides a critical habitat for numerous bird species, both migratory and breeding. The loss of the floodplain forest and destruction of habitats for 64 bird species are irreversible. Some bird species are already on the Red List of endangered species in South Tyrol, and we cannot let this situation worsen. Join us in demanding that the Progress Group and authorities take responsible actions to preserve this unique forest landscape and protect its incredible flora and fauna for generations to come. Sign and share this petition, and let’s make a difference together! #SaveBrixenFloodplainForest #ProtectOurHabitats #PreserveBiodiversity
  3. We are planning a birding trip to Costa Rica sometime in the next 12 months. When is the best time to go in order to see neotropicals (the correct term?) I would never see in the states? @Connor Cochrane--I saw you just returned from there. Any tips? @Aveschapines--since I've not taken the trip, I wasn't sure where to post this, since the "Trips" thread refers to completed trips. It can be moved there if more suitable.
  4. I've been adulting for the past couple of weeks and it cut hugely into my birding time. Hubby & I plan to do GBD Saturday, so that should help with my withdrawal symptoms. Is anybody else participating? We are going to get up early & start with the hotspots at the south end of our county (the Gulf portion) and work our way north parallelling Mobile Bay and into the delta. If time permits--which I doubt it will, this being our inaugural GBD--we will head over to adjoining Mobile county and bird north to south until we again reach the Gulf. Any tips or suggestions? Do you all set time limits for each birding spot during GBD?
  5. I am planning on participating in my first GBBC & GBD this year. and found an entertaining, front-page article on the subject in the current newsletter of one of my local Audubon societies. There also is a link for a Costa Rica virtual birding tour that gives most of the registration fee to the local guide. I think that is a terrific idea to help keep ecotourism afloat during this pandemic. I have also placed "The Big Year" on our Netflix queue. ? We have never seen it. http://fmwaudubon.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/2021_Feb_Mar_Apr_skimmer.pdf
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