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Found 9 results

  1. 12 May 2024 Baldwin co. AL; homesite in heavy woods It sounds a little different than usual and is a constant run--i.e., no pauses. 2024-05-12 16_05_nl - Copy_ed.wav
  2. Hi there, I’m asking for a friend, trying to identify the bird on the video, it was recorded at night, so the best he got was the sound. Location: Lisbon, Portugal, city area, no beaches around IMG_2387.MOV
  3. 20 Jul 2022 Dukes co. MA; trail behind rural home; thick woods 2022-07-20 07_44 - Copyed3.wav
  4. I am in an urban neighborhood in central San Diego, CA, and for the past couple weeks (late April, early May 2020) I have been hearing this (attached) bird just about every morning. I've never been able to locate it, so have not seen it. In fact, as soon as I step outside my house, it goes quiet. It reminds me of a bobwhite! (I'm from the midwest) but we shouldn't have them here in San Diego. Song Sleuth is not helpful at all because of the chatter of the other birds in the background. New Recording 5.m4a
  5. What's making this noise? April, East Bridgewater, MA IMG_5165.mp3
  6. What made this beautiful song? Recorded in the SFV, March 3, 2020. (There are goldfinches and a YRW in the background). Video.mp3
  7. Recorded in Hollywood on October 8th. Video.mp3
  8. Hello, community, I made an API (as an R package) to retrieve bird songs audio from Wikiaves.com.br database. https://athospd.github.io/wikiaves/ It suits for data-driven analysis, specially machine learning system projects for bird recognition/detection/etc. The main feature is to download every register found from a given term, like "Querula purpurata" or any part of it, making it easy to gather together a analysis ready database. It is intended to be a collaborative product, so I invite you to contribute with code. It is open source and free. I'm doing this for my mastership. Any feedback is welcome, thanks.
  9. I am attaching recording... Thank you guys :)) What bird 04092018-1.m4a What bird 04092018-2.m4a What bird 04092018-3.m4a What bird 05062018.m4a What bird 07032018.m4a What bird 07202018-2.m4a What bird 07072018-1.m4a
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