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Found 2 results

  1. A nesting pair on a window sill, since May 2020. Our house is beside a wooded area. I can’t get a good picture but it looks like an Easter Kingbird without the white on the tail. And it looks like a penguin from the front. Smaller than a robin, nothing special about flying. Very quiet birds.
  2. This bird was found outside our front door on it's side in the North West/Washington. I thought it was a king fisher, but all pictures I looked at are smaller and colorful. It has a longer black beak and black feathers tufted back on the top of the head and black to just above the eye. The cheeks neck and chest are a chestnut brown and the wings are black with black and brown shoulders, lighter markings outlining a group of feathers on the wings. Light color in a vertical line on the chest and around the start of the beak with some yellow right where the beak starts on the face. The feet are also larger and yellow. It's maybe 14 inches beak to tail.
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