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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to get some confirmation on some of these birds before I posted them on ebird. Not 100% confident in my ID of these two birds, so I thought I'd get a 2nd opinion. This was a birding trip at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach, CA on 12/23/2023. I was birding from 0830 AM to 1230 PM to give you a timeframe. First bird is a cormorant. I'm leaning towards Neotropic Cormorant because of the smaller size, brownish breast and the white v's around the mouth. Thankfully, there's a Double-crested right next to this bird, so comparing and contrasting is much easier. 2nd bird is a wading bird. My guess is Little Blue Heron. I saw the resident Reddish Egrets earlier that morning, and this bird did not look like them. It was fishing near a snowy egret and was not displaying the unique dancing behavior that reddish egrets display while hunting. This bird was smaller and darker overall. Bill has a blue base, dark red/brown head, and body was bluish. Lighting is not the greatest in these photos, but fairly confident this wasn't another reddish egret. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hubby and I love to watch "The History Guy". We watched this episode the other day about a real event in California involving crazed Sooty Shearwaters that possibly influenced Alfred Hitchcock's film, "The Birds", and, most interestingly, discussed the prevailing hypothesis for the birds' actions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6Qn6bED5f0
  3. 31 Aug to 02 Sept 2021 Monterey co. CA; Carmel Valley Riparian area; thin woods, human habitation, open yards: 1. I recognize the American Crow. At least 3 others: Yellow dot--mostly a sweet downslur Green arc--very faint, but sounds like a scolding chatter or maybe a trill Blue bracket--very faint chatter or scold unk_2021-08-29 0635ed.wav 2. No idea 2021-08-31 1540ed.wav 3. Dark-eyed Junco. BirdNet also calling LeConte's Thrasher, but I am not so sure. 20210829_122746ed.wav 4. thru 6 BirdNet called all 3 separate recordings Black Phoebe 2021-08-29 1511ed.wav 5. 2021-08-29 1512ed.wav 6. 20210829_151138ed.wav Slightly higher elevation; very heavy mixed woods; sparse human habitation; many owls in area 7. Wild Turkey (not the prominent owl call at the beginning) 20210902_190540ed.wav
  4. 05 Sept 2021; Pelagic tour, Monterey Bay 1. Common Murre 2. Sabine's Gull 3. Rhinoceros Auklet 4. Another auklet of the same or another species? 5. Long-tailed Jaegar
  5. 05 Sept 2021 Monterey Bay CA BIF only. L to R, in roughly clockwise directions, beginning with bird at top left and ending with bird at bottom left of center. 1. Pink-footed Shearwater 2. Sabine's Gull 3. Pink-footed Shearwater 4-7. Sabines Gull 8. shearwater sp. 9. Arctic vs. Common Tern
  6. 31 Aug 2021 Monterey co. CA; Pebble Beach & surrounds We have a terrific guide who has put us on so many birds that I sometimes can't keep up! I think I have these right, but... 1. Baird's Sandpiper 2. Wandering Tattler 3. Surfbird 4. Red-necked Phalaropes 5. ?Pigeon Guillemont
  7. 02 Sept 2021 Monterey co. CA; dairy farm with adjacent wetlands & sparse woods
  8. 29 Aug 2021 Carmel Valley & surrounds, Monterey co. California 1. Oregon Dark-eyed Junco 2. Junco vs. towhee sp.--he/she seemed bigger than the juncos; eye was red 3. Anna's 4. Bewick's Wren 5. ??? 6. Oregon Dark-eyed Junco 7. California Scrub Jay 8. Bushtit va. Oak Titmouse
  9. 29 Aug 2021 Carmel Valley & surrounds, Monterey co., CA I for got to add this one to the previous list. Black Phoebe--but the bib seemed short. I only learned that bird a few weeks ago when we visited Utah.
  10. Please help me identify this bird. Photo was taken last October at Ed Levin County Park in Milpitas, California Thank you, J.R. Link
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/offbeat/flock-of-endangered-california-condors-trash-womans-house-delight-bird-enthusiasts/ar-BB1gqYgh?ocid=mailsignout&li=BBnbfcL
  12. The video shows what at first glance appears to be a Spotted Towhee but look at the head and chest. Is it a hybrid? Spotted 2 days ago in Alta Vista ,California at about 5000 ft altitude Any thoughts? IMG_3874.MOV
  13. These pics were taken before I started birding. Some are incidental inclusions in family photos. I am trying to retrospectively ID them. Any help is appreciated. 17 July 2008 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 1. ?Herring Gull ?California Gull? ??? 2. Gull sp vs spp 3. ? I thought it might be grackle sp., but are there grackle spp in the area? June 2009 Marion co. FL 1. Immature Great Blue Heron (L), ?Ring-Necked Duck (R) 2. ?Heron sp. vs. Sandhill Crane--bill looks small for heron, but I don't see the "Bustle" for crane; there does appear to be a mask on the face. Maybe the same individual (immature heron in #1 above
  14. These images are stills taken from a video I recorded this morning, at Hart Park in Bakersfield CA. Apologies for low quality. Am new to bird identifying, just curious about what I saw. Similar in look to Wood ducks or Harlequin ducks, however I distinctly recall seeing a brown belly, separated by a horizontal white line from black/dark-colored back and head. There was also some red on the face. About the same size as the mallards they were swimming with.
  15. All seen today at Pecho road willows 1. COYE 2. ELTE? 3. LBDO?
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