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  1. Okay, maybe wishful thinking but any help IDing this bird would be very much appreciated. Photographed in July, 2020 at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, CA near a nesting area for terns.
  2. See video And photo of this bird seen today in Concord CA. Thanks for your help. flexinib@gmail.com IMG_6043.MOV
  3. Have a photo and a video. Got to work at a little before 8AM (down in a canyon, less than 1000ft above sea level I believe, also less than 5 miles from the shoreline, San Diego CA) and heard this little fella chirping. I should have realized it was strange that he didn't fly away when I accidentally parked right by him. I also thought the fluffiness was due to him fluffing himself up to get warm in the early morning. Posted on iNaturalist and someone let me know that he's a baby! When I went back to check on him a few hours later he was gone, so I'm hoping either he flew away or his parents found him and took him back to the nest. baby bird at markim.mov IMG_6029.HEIC
  4. I am in an urban neighborhood in central San Diego, CA, and for the past couple weeks (late April, early May 2020) I have been hearing this (attached) bird just about every morning. I've never been able to locate it, so have not seen it. In fact, as soon as I step outside my house, it goes quiet. It reminds me of a bobwhite! (I'm from the midwest) but we shouldn't have them here in San Diego. Song Sleuth is not helpful at all because of the chatter of the other birds in the background. New Recording 5.m4a
  5. What made this beautiful song? Recorded in the SFV, March 3, 2020. (There are goldfinches and a YRW in the background). Video.mp3
  6. I went hiking in the hills in Simi Valley which is on the border of Los Angeles County but it is in Ventura County in Southern California. In the hills there is an abandoned golf course with a small lake or pond. There are swallow or swift type looking birds swooping around close to the water and I have no idea what type of birds these are. I have searched and looked at my bird books with no success. The bird is mostly black with white around its neck and a white stomach. This is the only photo I was able to get because they flew very fast.
  7. This bird was seen in southern California on Jan 23 near Santa Ysabel. It was in a flock of about a dozen. I believe it is some type of dove but I can't find a match. The photos are not good since the light was poor.
  8. Hello, Trying to identify another duck, my bird id app can't identify it. Sorry for the image quality, it was exported from a timeline in Final Cut Pro X. Date: 11/08/2019 Where: Atascadero, CA - running right past me. Thanks again for the help.
  9. Hi, All. I have a few bird pics that I would like to get opinions on. Thanks in advance! 1. & 2. I was hoping this was a Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, but in the 2nd pic, it appears to have an eye stripe. Paranagat NWR, near visitor's center, Lincoln Co. NV 3. Gambrel's Quail? Joshua Tree National Park. Backcountry (off-trail). San Bernadino County, CA
  10. Hello again, Need help again identifying another duck. I think it's an immature male/female Ruddy Duck. Merlin ID also identified this as a Ruddy Duck. Location: Atascadero, CA Where: Swimming in a lake When: November 8th, 2019 Thanks for your help again.
  11. Hi, All. Any help in ID is appreciated. All pics taken within the last 5 days. Location stated with pic. Since we were backpacking, we were limited to point-and-shoots, so quality is lacking. 1. ? White Crowned Sparrow? Pahranagat NWR. Alamo, NV. 2. ?Yellow-Rumped Warbler? White Pine County, NV (lower elevation) 3. ?Red-Naped Sapsucker? White Pine County, NV (lower elevation). I could not see the red on the nape, but YBS does not occur in the area. 4. ?Red-Tailed Hawk? Great Basin National Park, White Pine County, NV 5. ?White Crowned Sparrow? White Pine County, NV (lower elevation) 6. ?Black Throated Sparrow? NP Visitor Center, Joshua Tree, San Bernadino, California 7 & 8. ?California Scrub Jay? Joshua Tree National Park, San Bernadino., CA. Backcountry hiking. The white wing patch is throwing me off.
  12. Is this a pin-tailed whydah? I thought it was an immature white-crowned at first, but I think it's too small and strange looking. (Also, can you submit observations from game/trail cams to eBird, or is that not allowed at all, even if it's your cam?)
  13. What is that at the very end of the clip? Recorded by a game cam in my yard on December 8th. 12-08-18_08-43 (uknown bird call).mp3
  14. Spotted this small hark yesterday (Nov 28, 2018) in San Leandro, CA. It remained perched for a long time, so I could not get a flight shot. Could turn its head at least 180. I would throw out some ideas of what I think it is, but I am perpetually confused by raptors! This is my first post. Hope I am following the rules!
  15. When I saw the duck in the attached photo it was standing so that it's breast was out of the water. The breast looked odd and different to me, very speckled, so I snapped a couple of pics. Unfortunately I've deleted everything except this one photo and now looking at it this duck does not seem to be a Mallard like I originally thought. Sorry - photo is a huge crop. The bill is lighter at the base and gets darker towards the end and the striping on the head looks "different" too. I can't find many pictures of them, but from what I can find I think this could possibly be a male eclipse Garganey. Seen in Orange County, California on 9/27.
  16. I found these birds in Lake Elizabeth & Gomes Park (both places are practically next to each other) on Sept. 20, 2018 in Fremont, CA, but couldn't ID. Does anyone recognize these birds here? bird2 by Klickie M, on Flickr bird1 by Klickie M, on Flickr bird by Klickie M, on Flickr
  17. Hello, I need help on identifying this bird I found on Mission Peak in Fremont, CA September 16, 2018. My guess is that it may be a Horned Lark, but want to verify. Thanks! DSCN0346 by Klickie M, on Flickr DSCN0343 by Klickie M, on Flickr
  18. Please help me identify this goose. I expect that it is in the genus Anser, but can't figure out the species unless it is a juvenile or a female without the typical adult male markings. Seen on September 3, 2018 before sundown on the Los Angeles River in the Glendale Narrows adjacent to Griffith Park and the I-5 freeway, 1/4 mile north of Los Feliz Blvd. The weather was sunny, warm and breezy. It was alone. I didn't see any others like it, nor any other geese. It was standing on rocks, dabbing in the water, preening and swimming. See attached photos. Thanks, Dan.
  19. What Type of flycatcher is this? taken in southern California.
  20. Hello y'all! I saw all of these birds yesterday at Huntington Central Park in Huntington Beach, CA from 1 pm-2 pm. I've included two pictures of each bird. Thanks for the help! Bird #1 Bird #2 This bird had a dark colored throat, which is not super visible in the photos. Bird #3 Bird #4 Bird #5
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