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Found 6 results

  1. This bird was seen on December 21 of last year at Milavec Reservoir in Colorado (just southeast of Longmont, CO). It struck me as much larger than a Cooper's hawk- making me think/hope for Goshawk, but I am honestly terrible with Accipiters and would love a second opinion. Thank you in advance!
  2. Posting this on behalf of family member in southern Colorado (Saguache County). Sorry for the terrible photo quality. Thanks!
  3. Hello — I've read Charlie Spencer's pinned post, so here we go! I'm looking for identification and/or verification of five audio recordings I made on my iPhone today (May 27, 2019) in the Denver foothills. It is a mountainous region with coniferous and birch forest and I think lots of willow (not sure though). Wet season, late afternoon hike (3 – 4 pm), stormy and slightly rainy today, plenty of wind, dark clouds overhead with sun breaking through every so often. I managed to ID 10 or so species for eBird mainly by calls/songs only. However, these I'm not so sure about. I will try to upload the MP3s to this post. Please disregard any and all broad-tailed hummingbirds calls/chirps and bells, those guys are like flies in summertime around this area! Mystery 1 trill - Dark-eyed Junco — I'm pretty sure I've ID'd this one correctly, just looking for verification Mystery 2 Trill - possibly junco — same bird? Mystery 3 High Cheep - possibly cordilleran flycatcher — He's really loud! But I'm not sure of my ID. Mystery 4 Trill-like - possibly junco — later in the day Mystery 5 two flute — This one is impossible to hear. At the very end of my day, I suddenly heard a two-note flute ("ooop ooop"), same pitch, and I matched the pitch with the very start of a Bewick's wren call (total coincidence, and that bird is not here in my state). I tried to find a youtube video of its call so I could edit a fake version of the call, but turns out that's more difficult to find that little piece of sound. Audubon and Merlin ID apps didn't help me. I swear I've heard him before. Way off in the distance, you may hear the two "hoots" but it's a fluted call, not owls. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you!! Mystery 1 trill - Dark-eyed Junco.mp3 Mystery 2 Trill - possibly junco.mp3 Mystery 3 High Cheep - possibly cordilleran flycatcher.mp3 Mystery 4 Trill-like - possibly junco.mp3 Mystery 5 two flute.mp3
  4. My aunt and uncle have had a family of these birds (2-3 juveniles and occasionally an adult) visiting their yard in Black Forest, CO for the last 2-3 weeks. They show up at some point most days. I got a brief look (sadly, without binoculars) the other day and am quite certain that they are too large to be Sharp-shinned. Am I looking at Cooper's Hawks or Northern Goshawks? The speckled back, uneven tail-bands, and appearance of a light-colored supercilium make me think Goshawks based on Sibley, but I am not sure and would love thoughts. Thanks! Photo 1 Photo 2
  5. I saw this very quick active bird flying low over the alpine tundra at around 13000 feet elevation on Mt Bierstadt, Colorado. July 8, 2018. I have spent considerable time in the mountains but had never seen this bird before. My best guess is a female Northern Wheatear, but the maps don't show it being anywhere near Colorado. Thanks
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