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  1. 31 Jan 2022 1. Nashville vs. Yellow Warbler 2. Buff-rumped Warbler
  2. 31 Jan 2022 Alajuela CR I seem to recall that, although Costa Rica is in north America, that I should post these here in the "outside North America" thread. If not correct, please move @Aveschapines 1. Clay-colored Thrush 2. Hoffman's Woodpecker 3. Summer vs. toer tanager sp. 4. warbler sp--should have brought my warbler guide
  3. We are planning a birding trip to Costa Rica sometime in the next 12 months. When is the best time to go in order to see neotropicals (the correct term?) I would never see in the states? @Connor Cochrane--I saw you just returned from there. Any tips? @Aveschapines--since I've not taken the trip, I wasn't sure where to post this, since the "Trips" thread refers to completed trips. It can be moved there if more suitable.
  4. 22 June 2018 1. ?Rufous-Tailed 2. Purple-Throated Mountain Gem
  5. Hi, All-- Apologies if I have posted this before, but I cannot recall. I used the specific epithet b/c I found several common names--Finsch's Conure/Parakeet, Crimson-Fronted Parakeet. They were very playful with each other, and seemed curious about human activity. June 2018
  6. 6/22/2018; La Laz Waterfall Gardens, Alajuelah Province, Costa Rica ? Black Guan; freely roaming https://imgur.com/kqHfYcy ?Gray-lined Hawk; in unlabeled pen https://imgur.com/YlpM35b ?Slate-backed Nightingale Thrush; heard the beautiful singing before I saw the bird; free https://imgur.com/qE8rNCA ?Bananaquit; free https://imgur.com/I1KtURi
  7. June 2018 Alajuelah (city) Costa Rica https://imgur.com/bEphmcs https://imgur.com/yEnFuSK https://imgur.com/1NHwjcW
  8. 6/17/18 Tuetal, Alajuelah Province, Costa Rica https://imgur.com/dvVrExW https://imgur.com/NlPiqBK https://imgur.com/gDWHC1L
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