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Found 7 results

  1. 03 Jun 2021 Dale co. AL; semi-rural yard, on bluff leading down to heavily-wooded creek bottom I called this a Red-eyed Vireo in the field, but BirdNET suggests Yellow-throated Vireo. 20210603_055546 - Copyed.wav
  2. 03 Jun 2021; Dale co. AL; semi-rural yard on bluff adjacent to heavily wooded creek bottom BirdNET suggested 3species: Pileated, Red-bellied & Red-headed. It doesn't seem to have the descending/dying out quality of a Pileated. 20210603_061029_marker 1ed - Copy.wav
  3. 03 Jun 2021 Dale co. AL; Do you all agree with Blue-gray Gnatcatcher? 20210603_062909 - Copyed.wav
  4. 02 Jun 2021 Dale co. AL; semi-rural yard adjacent to steep bluff leading to heavily wooded creek bottom. I didn't see rustiness on the wings but he appears to have a small rusty patch on the head and yellow wash on the underside, at least the flanks. I can't decide whether the white stripes on the wing count as wingbars.
  5. 19 Apr 2021 Dale co. AL; public lake with heavily wooded hiking/walking path Sorry about the helicopters. 20210419_102132 - Copynl - Copy.wav
  6. 19 Apr 2021 Dale co. AL. walking trail around public lake; heavily wooded 1. Chipping Sparrow 2. ??--I thought Northern Parula, but too much yellow underneath, tail too long; considered Pine Warbler, but the eye arcs? 3. ? 4. Palm Warbler 5. Palm Warbler 6. Northern Rough-winged Swallow 7. Palm Warbler 8. ?Orchard Oriole
  7. 07 Mar 2021 Dale co. (Wiregrass area) AL; creekside high bluff mixed hardwoods and pines There was a huge mixed flock flitting through the canopy that included Yellow-Rumped & Pine Warblers, Northern Parula, Chickadees, woodpecker spp., Titmice, etc. 1. ? I thought it might be a Tufted Titmouse with the peachy flanks but it seems to have a wing bar, unless that is artifact. 2. ?Tufted Titmouse 3. ?? 4. ? 5. ? sparrow sp. 6. ?? 7. ?? Partial eyering/crescents but distribution of yellow on the flanks and between the legs but not on breast didn't seem right pattern for Northern Parula
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