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Found 11 results

  1. These were swimming at Union City Park in Union City, California. Thank you for any help. J.R. Link
  2. Saw these three individuals on fresh-water pond, Norwalk. CT, Nov 22, 10:30am. Other birds included Mallards, Gadwalls, American Wigeons, Mute Swans, Northern Shovelers, a Northern Pintail, and a pair of Green-winged Teals. I'm having trouble identifying these 3, which remained together for about 40 minutes of observation. Any ideas?
  3. Male American Wigeon swimming on pond in Norwalk, CT, Oct 19, late afternoon. I'm trying to ID the other ducks in the photo. I think 2 (in water) are female American Wigeons. Not sure about the duck standing on a mudflat. Any thoughts? In this pond, on this day and the day after, have also seen a Wood Duck (one individual, eclipse); Mallards, Gadwalls, and a male Eurasian Wigeon. Many thanks!
  4. Seen in Norwalk, CT, Oct 20, 3:47pm on small pond with lots of surface vegetation. Among Canada Geese, American Wigeons, and Mallards. I think this is a pair of Gadwalls, but I'm new to birding; hoping for confirmation or a corrected ID. Thanks!
  5. Just starting to learn ducks. Man made lake/pond in Houston. 1. Among Mallards so assumed also a Mallard Greenish bill and no white in tail. Now thinking American Black? 2. Lacks the white Bars on the speculum Grayish bill No white by eye. Green wing teal? 3 White on front Can’t find anything like this in guides so thinking something domestic Thank
  6. Are the two dark ones mallard/black hybrids or something else. thanks
  7. I saw this pair of ducks on the lower Brandywine, Wilmington, Delaware. Tried my usual identification apps with no luck. I’m beginning to wonder if this duck is North American at all. The blue feet should be an easy field mark, but don’t help me.
  8. Taken late last month in DC where there were also Greater and Lesser Scaup swimming close by.
  9. Earlier today at Hains Point/East Potomac Park in DC (SW) swimming in the Washington Channel. Scaups? Greater or Lesser? Or if neither, what?
  10. Salt water, Quebec Coast, June. Unquestionably a bonded pair -- stayed right together over several days. To me, the male looks more like a Lesser, the female more like a Greater. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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