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Found 4 results

  1. Hubby & I are planning a trip to Spain in the next year or two. We will spend most of our time in Seville, with some time in Andalusia. Althiough I would dearly love to visit Barcelona, there won't be time. We want do do some birding while we are there. Does anyone have any insight on birding in Spain? Specifically, what time of year would be best, and what places to visit or what guides to hire?
  2. Hi would you help me identity this bord. Country Slovakia. And is it a young small bird? he looks disoriented and is in our terrace. Thank you
  3. Hello, I found this bird in Vajanovy Sady Park in Prague Czech Republic on August 17, 2018. I have suspicions this may be a Eurasian Magpie due to it's rounded black area on its chest and while flying it had white and blue coloration (couldn't get a picture of it's wings before it took off). Want to verify with you all. Cheers! Eurasian_Magpie0 by Klickie M, on Flickr
  4. Hello, this summer throughout August 2018 I went on a trip to Europe and found some birds along the way. Please excuse it this may seem lengthy (8 total), but these are some species that I cannot seem to identify. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! First 2 pictures were taken on Notre Dame in Paris, France DSCN0061 by Klickie M, on Flickr DSCN0070 by Klickie M, on Flickr This bird is from Manusev Most - Manes Bridge in Prague Czech Republic DSCN0103 by Klickie M, on Flickr This one is from Vajanovy Sady Park Prague, Czech Republic DSCN0140 by Klickie M, on Flickr This is from Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary DSCN0153 by Klickie M, on Flickr This one is from Vattican City in Rome, Italy DSCN0241 by Klickie M, on Flickr Lastly, these two birds were at Venice, Italy DSCN0294 by Klickie M, on Flickr DSCN0316 by Klickie M, on Flickr
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