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Found 12 results

  1. Good morning, All. Going through some old photos. Feb. 2019. Apalachicola, FL adult Ring-Billed (L) & subadult Herring (R)?
  2. Taken Feb 27. Beach area near boat ramp. Image 1: ?Sanderling Image 2: ?Spotted Sandpiper
  3. Taken Feb 28 in boat ramp/fishing pier area of campground Image 1, 2, & 4: ?Great-tailed Grackle (male, ,male, female) Image 3: Bird in back--Great-tailed Grackle; bird in front--Crow. I only heard Fish Crows calling, so favor FC, if it is a crow
  4. Taken Feb. 26, fishing bridge between Apalachicola and St. George Island
  5. Hi, All. First Winter Ring-Billed or Herring Gull? Taken Feb. 26, Apalachicola, FL.
  6. Hi, All. Is this a juvenile Laughing Gull or something else? The black band on the tailfeathers was throwing me. Also, I cannot see his feet. February 26, 2019. Apalachicola. Dock near where seafood market dumps offal. Tons of gulls, pelicans, grackles, etc.
  7. Hi, All-- Would appreciate some help with identifying this deceased bird. In (still hurricane-ravaged) Florida panhandle. Near Apalachicola. There is no head. I thought it was a raptor, but the feet (if those feet belong to it) seem more wading? https://imgur.com/6gAGFN5 https://imgur.com/UUwceaE https://imgur.com/zUZQdww
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