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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, Raptors are migrating through south Florida now, and here's one I can't seem to identify. If anyone could help, and explain the difference between the two similar birds that would be great!
  2. Hello, Fall migration has been picking up in central Florida and so have the thrushes. I am pretty sure this is a gray cheeked thrush, but it looks kind of ruddy, but that may be an affect from editing the photo. If someone could let me know which one this is that would be great and the best way to tell the two apart in low light situations like this.
  3. Hello, On 9-18-2020 in central Florida, I saw this flycatcher when kayaking through a creek. It was quite far, so I could not judge size, and it never vocalized. I'm aiming towards acadian flycatcher, as it has an eyering and least flycatchers are rare here. If anyone would know, that would be great!
  4. Hello, Currently there is a tropical storm offshore of central Florida, so I watched from the shore hoping to see birds blown in. One bird was far out and I could not identify it. Please look at the attached image. The body shape reminds me of a tern, but the long black wingtips are what's confusing me. Any ideas of what it could be?
  5. Greetings, Yesterday at Fort Desoto Park, Florida, I saw these two small terns side-by-side within a huge flock of royal terns. Image 1 appears to be a common tern, due to the black wingtips, grayer belly (kind of hard to tell by the pic), and longer beak. Image 2 appears to be a forster tern due to the lighter wingtips and shorter beak. If I'm correct, is it normal for the two to flock? Common terns are quite uncommon (ironic) in Florida; thus, I'm not used to seeing them.
  6. Hello, Today I visited a bridge in central Florida where barn swallows and cliff swallows are known to roost; however rarely, cave swallows are seen here too. Today I saw this swallow (Image 1) which I believe is a cave swallow. Note the orange forehead and paler cheeks. Compare it to image 2 which I am for sure is a cliff swallow (Note the darker cheeks and paler forehead). The strangest part was both were landing on the same nest. Thanks for the help!
  7. Greetings, This photo was taken on August 8, 2017. Upon looking at the photo again many years later, I did not even notice the second raptor! I am assuming the top bird is a Short-tailed hawk (Correct me if I'm wrong); however, the bottom one is giving me trouble. I want to say it's a dark morph short tailed, but its barred belly is giving me trouble.
  8. Today I saw this Sandpiper in Port Charlotte, Florida when looking for a white-rumped sandpiper. I am assuming it is a western sandpiper; however, I am just posting this here to be certain. Thanks (I am referring to the bird in focus in the picture, not the least sandpiper)
  9. Hello, 1. I have taken pictures of this migrating thrush along the west coast of Florida. However, I cannot decide if its a gray-cheeked thrush or a swainson's thrush. The buffiness makes me think swainson's but the eye ring looks a bit faint, so it may be a gray-cheeked. If anyone could help that would be great! 2. Not as good of a photo, but I found this photo taken last October during fall migration in Central Florida. I'm pretty sure this one is a swainson's because its eyering is pretty distinct. 3. I'm 90% Sure this one is a Gray Cheeked. Dull Color, Basically no eye ring. However, if I'm wrong please do tell. Thanks!
  10. Greetings, this is my first post here! Today I went birding at a scrubby flatwood in Central Florida, and I saw this bird hanging out with a flock of pine warblers in a low pine tree. I am having a hard time identifying it. However, the only two warblers I know with yellow "eyebrows" in Florida are the super common palm warbler and the rare kentucky warbler. However, we usually never see palm warlbers in breeding plumage, and this bird doesn't seem to have more stripes on the belly like a palm warbler. Can someone help me ID this warbler please?
  11. Saw this flock very high in the sky late this morning near Dunnellon, FL. Both photos are enlarged. First photo is with contrast and shows the whole flock. Second photo is enlarged even further but has no contrast. It appears to me they have white heads with feet trailing. Anyone have a guess? Thanks in advance!
  12. Got a great look at this hawk in perfect morning light today and assumed red-shouldered, but on editing now I'm not totally convinced. Red Shouldered and Cooper's are the most common in this area followed by red tail, but this fellows color and streaking is off a bit and the eyes are so dark in good light for a juvenile red shoulder. I need a sanity check. The way it took off I didn't get a good look at tail and wings were a blur. thanks in advance
  13. Sorry for the poor quality. There were two of these birds at my feeder this morning in Lake Worth, Florida.
  14. My friend saw this bird in Orlando, Florida. They saw it during April 2019. They saw it in the afternoon, and were unsure if it was owned in captivity, or if it was a wild bird. There were different kinds of birds around it, and this bird was just standing where, sometimes walking a little bit.
  15. 3-13-19 Carrabelle Beach, Fl 1,2 3 photos I've looked in Sibley and can't decide if this is a Willet or not. 4. Ringbill Gull
  16. Fish crow, crow or small grackle? Ocean Pond, Fl 3-14-19
  17. 3-20-19 Ocean Pond, FL photos 1, 2 Vesper Sparrow? The others are from Alligator Lake, Florida on 3-20-19 and I have no idea.
  18. Not sure about this one. Seen this morning at Riverbend Park in Jupiter, Fl.
  19. Both of these guys were seen at Sunnyhill Restoration Area in Central FL (near Eustis). I think they are both Savannahs but a different plumage variant that what I'm used to seeing elsewhere. The first 2 photos show a bird that has the right streaking (breast and back) pattern, facial pattern, also yellow lore in front of eye and pink(ish) legs. However, and I wish it were more clear in the photos, it had a lot of white in the back and wings - often appearing to be much more black/white from a distance than most Savannahs I see around here (which just appear brown streaked on buff). Then this next one I'm a little more confused. Spot makes one thing immediately of Song Sparrow, but very white eyebrow and striking facial pattern looks like a Lark Sparrow. However, it has a lot of streaking on breast (not just sides) for one of those. (Sorry for soft/fuzzy appearance, this was outside reasonable range of my lens and then cropped as best as possible). I'm just starting to seriously tackle ID'ing sparrows and know it takes some time as they all at firs come across very similar. Throw in all the juvenal/immature/winter and regional variants in plumage and it really gets fun. Any insights are much appreciated - along with what field marks you keyed in on! Thanks, Matt
  20. Can someone tell me what these birds are. About 30 of them sitting on the wires and flying all around. This was in Belle Glade, Fl. a couple of days ago.
  21. Is this a Red Shouldered Hawk. It was in my tree today in Lake Worth, Fl.
  22. I saw these birds this morning at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach, Fl. The closest I could find was Purple Swamphens in Sibleys Guide. Is that what they are?
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