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  1. Taken 2-15-2021 afternoon at Lower Scholl Canyon Park in Glendale, CA. The first two are the same bird. I don't think I've seen this one before. For the second two, I can't figure out the bird in the foreground taking a bath.
  2. Taken 2-11-2021 in Glendale, CA. I think the one with the Red-tailed is a crow, but I wouldn't be able to identify it by this photo or the few others that I have of it. The other I think is a raven, but I'm not sure. I don't know if the small apparent wedge shape in the closed up tail is enough to ID it as a raven.
  3. Taken 2-11-2021 in the late afternoon in Glendale, CA. These are the first sparrows I've seen at my house other than White-crowned Sparrows. These photos were taken within 15 minutes of each other. They may or may not be the same bird. I only saw one bird at a time -- coming out from some undergrowth. I'm thinking Song and/or Lincoln's.
  4. Taken 2-5-2021 in the morning in Glendale, CA. This is a new bird at my feeder. When I saw it I thought it was some kind of wren. But after trying to ID the photos, I come up with Orange-crowned Warbler -- although the bill seems to be a bit long. All my other photos of OCWAs have been perched in trees. If this is an OCWA, its the first time I've seen one at a feeder and it looks different.
  5. Taken today 1-14-2021 in late afternoon in Glendale, CA. Is this an Orange-crowned Warbler? The bill seems rather long.
  6. Taken 12-3-2020 in Glendale, CA (backyard). I'm not real sure on this but I think its a Lesser Goldfinch. I have a lot of Lesser Goldfinches, but the coloring of this one is different. Although, I'm not sure it's brown enough to be an American.
  7. Taken 11-18-2020 in Glendale, CA (backyard). For the past month or more I've had a lot of Lesser Goldfinches at my feeders. But one day last week I think I photographed an American Goldfinch -- maybe two. The 1st photo is of the bird that I think is an American Goldfinch -- first time I've seen one. I'd like confirmation please. The 2nd and 3rd photos are of a pale colored bird that was seen at the same time, and I think these 2 photos are of as single bird. I'm not really sure what this bird is, but wondering if it is also an American Goldfinch. The 4th photo is the 1st bird next to what I believe is the bird from the 2nd and 3rd photos. The 5th photo is a Lesser Goldfinch that was taken about the same time and place -- for comparison. And the 6th photo, at the feeder, has a pale bird that I think is similar to the one in photos 2 and 3. All these photos were taken within 10 minutes of each other. Thanks.
  8. Taken 10-30-2020 in Glendale, CA (backyard). Are these Pine Siskins? They may have been at my feeders a couple days before I took these shots. If so I probably thought they were small, juvenile House Finches when I glanced out there. It took me a long time to come up with Pine Siskin. When I tried using the Search feature on What Bird, the closest I could come was a juvenile Yellow-rumped Warbler. But the bill was wrong and no eye-ring and the yellow was in the wings instead of on the sides. I finally went by brute force and began looking through every perching and clinging bird in California and finally came to my conclusion of it being a Pine Siskin. Any agreement?
  9. Taken 10-30-2020 and last one 11-4-2020 in Glendale, CA (backyard). Are these all Lesser Goldfinches?
  10. Taken 10-30-2020 late afternoon in Glendale, CA. I'm coming up with juvenile American Goldfinch, but not confident.
  11. Taken 10-29-2020 in late afternoon in Glendale, CA. Is this a female Audobon's Yellow-rumped Warbler? Thanks.
  12. Anyone willing to make comments about this bird (better photos coming soon). Taken 10-7-2020 late afternoon in Glendale, CA -- roadside in a natural area.
  13. This was taken on 10-8-2020 late afternoon in Glendale, CA -- residential area. I was first thinking it was a flycatcher, but couldn't nail it down. Then thought it might be a Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler. Verdicts, please.
  14. This was taken on 9-24-2020 about 10 am in Glendale, CA. It seems like this is distinctive enough that I should be able to identify it, but I'm coming up short.
  15. I was looking at some old photos. These were taken on 4-5-2014 in Glendale, CA. It appears I have a male Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warbler in the first and third photos. Note the other bird to the left in the first photo. Is the second photo a female Yellow-rumped, or what? Thanks
  16. Are these all Orange-crowned Warblers? They were taken in Glendale, CA. The first photo was taken on 5-14-2020. It may have a greenish cast to the photo. The other 3 were taken on 8-28-2020. Thanks.
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