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Found 10 results

  1. 26 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL; with large flock of Canada Geese. Freshwater pond (impound) in farmland Bill looks too large & not the proper shape for Snow Goose, and I don't see the grin patch. Canada Goose included for reference
  2. Western NC, 10/27/2022. In a small pond near other small ponds and wetlands. This bird was smaller than the rest of the Canada Geese, with what seemed to be a shorter neck. The front of the chest was much darker. Hard to tell for me but it kept sticking out so I figure I'd ask!
  3. Is the dark goose in this picture a Snow Goose? It was slightly smaller than the Snow Geese... Taken in Pennsylvania, USA on March 7.
  4. I am located at Pato Blanco Lakes RV Park in Benson, AZ Date of all pictures is 02/09/2020 There are 3 ponds here with several different species of water fowl but I have 3 that I can't positively identify. They may be domestic water fowl but I'm not completely sure. Thanks for any and all responses. Very much appreciated. I think this is the White-fronted Goose. It rules the pond and is often seen breaking up mating of other water fowl. They also like to chase humans. I think this is most likely a domestic male duck but not sure of his species. He is mating with the next female duck that interestingly has a black bill while this male has the yellow bill. Both bills however seem to be the same shape. This is the female that the above male was mating to while I was taking pictures.
  5. Today in Berkeley CA. Had a flock of geese flyover today. Not vocalizing, pretty distant. Either Canada or Cackling. I'm not sure but leaning Cackling, some of them look pretty short necked.
  6. Need help identifying a goose. Cackling or small Canada. To me, it seems like a smaller, stubbier bill. Wings extend further back. Looks like a steeper head than sloped Canada. Helena, MT, Fairgrounds pond. 1/15/2020
  7. Wondering if the rear bird here could be Taverner's? Aleutian in foreground, were majority of flock, a couple minima around as well.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10218167909495584&set=pcb.10218167915855743&type=3&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARAG9W0H3cHInsm3zKgEBg94YoquO-TNahx219OSsHD_AYbPmYdZkAWelSLNNfrthW2aVc8BJI9QEhKO Here is a link to several photos I took of a Canada Goose hybrid in South MS today. I am curious if anyone has feedback on the other parent. Thanks.
  9. Please help me identify this goose. I expect that it is in the genus Anser, but can't figure out the species unless it is a juvenile or a female without the typical adult male markings. Seen on September 3, 2018 before sundown on the Los Angeles River in the Glendale Narrows adjacent to Griffith Park and the I-5 freeway, 1/4 mile north of Los Feliz Blvd. The weather was sunny, warm and breezy. It was alone. I didn't see any others like it, nor any other geese. It was standing on rocks, dabbing in the water, preening and swimming. See attached photos. Thanks, Dan.
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