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Found 2 results

  1. Taken in 2013 and 2018 at Gorman, CA, northern Los Angeles County. Pond on NE side of Gorman Post Road, about 2-3 miles SE of Gorman. I believe I have Sandpipers and Yellowlegs, but need help with species. 1) 2013-03-25 _012 2) 2013-04-12 _043 3) 2013-04-12 _064 4) 2018-04-21 _2361 5) 2018-04-21 _2382 Thanks.
  2. I was looking through some old photos over the past several years and I think I have found some photos of Kingbirds taken in northern Los Angeles County in the Antelope Valley and near Gorman. I'm thinking that Birds 1 through 3 are Cassin's Kingbirds based on the gray breast and white or yellowish throat. Bird 1) 2020-04-22 Antelope Valley 8276 (perched) Bird 2) 2018-04-21 Gorman Post Road (Pond) 2278 (in-flight) -- this site is a hotspot on eBird Bird 3) 2013-04-12 Gorman Ravine 497 (on wire) The other 3 were taken on the same date in 2013 at a site I call Gorman Ravine, about 1/2 mile southeast of Gorman on the northeast side of Gorman Post Road. Photos 4a and 4b are the same bird. Bird 5 (taken about 70 minutes after Bird 4a/b) may be the same bird or a different bird (and possibly a different species). Bird 4a) 2013-03-25 Gorman Ravine 278 (on tree limb) Bird 4b) 2013-03-25 Gorman Ravine 281 (taking off 3:29 pm) Bird 5) 2013-03-25 Gorman Ravine 446 (in-flight 4:39 pm) I'm thinking Bird 4a/b could be a Western Kingbird, and Bird 5 could be a Cassin's Kingbird (if they are not all 3 the same bird). Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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