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Found 24 results

  1. Seen two days ago near St. Augustine, Florida. Many other gulls around, mostly laughing with some ring-billed and a few herring. It was a little bit off from the other gulls, but did seem larger than the others. Is anyone able to confirm Great Black-backed Gull?
  2. I have never been good at IDing gulls. Saw a couple of these along Whidbey Island beach today. Can't quite get a firm ID from my bird book. Help appreciated.
  3. Hi, I saw these two gulls today in Middle Harbor Shoreline in Oakland, California. I am not sure what species they are. Thanks for your help. Isabelle
  4. Hi guys, this is my first post here, so please bear with me! I saw this guy on October 28th of this year at the Hopewell Marina, a little south of Richmond, VA. There have been sightings of a first winter Heermann's gull, so I went to try and find it. Unfortunately, when I got there it was starting to get dark (and thus bad lighting) and then it started to rain. I thought what I saw must have been the gull, but then looking back at other pictures people had taken, I think (?) that the bird I photographed (at least the one on the fence) looked more like a herring gull or possibly a second or third year, while other people had been talking about a first year. There was a sort of white triangle that could be seen on very clearly on the rump of the bird on the fence when flying (slightly visible in the picture), but I haven't been able to find good diagram containing that field mark to point me in a good direction. I also took some photos of a darker looking gull that was on the roof of a building when it started raining. Light was fading fast, so I'm not sure how helpful any of those photos will be. But any thoughts on either would be very appreciated! Ps. sorry that the pics are so terrible, I was borrowing a camera and was not at all used to it
  5. 06 Aug 2021 SLC UT California vs. other western gull
  6. I'm an experienced and competent birder but relatively new to gulls. This bird was on south San Francisco Bay, 2021-02-03. ??
  7. I saw three gulls flying quite a distance away yesterday, not real high. I understand they might not be identifiable, but thank you for any guesses.
  8. Hello, Currently there is a tropical storm offshore of central Florida, so I watched from the shore hoping to see birds blown in. One bird was far out and I could not identify it. Please look at the attached image. The body shape reminds me of a tern, but the long black wingtips are what's confusing me. Any ideas of what it could be?
  9. Just had an interesting gull flyover on my walk this morning, and I need some help nailing down an ID. Odds are it's CA, but I'd like some confirmation from some gull gurus. I'm located in southern OR in Grants Pass, well inland from the coast and far from any large bodies of water. It was the briefest of flyovers, as it was just trying through and was probably driven over by the poor weather. We do not regularly have any gulls (except for a few RBGU in late March/April), so whatever this is it is an excellent bird for the county. It's a faded, younger bird, with plumage and head-shape generally matching a 1st winter CAGU; however, the beefy bill seems to fit HERG and my photos show a distinctly light eye on the bird. My impression in the field was that this was a rather large gull, and it was striking as it flew directly overhead and disappeared to the south. Any suggestions?
  10. Old photos again, think this is a ring billed but unsure because it looks like the ring may be the whole tip of the bill. Also seems to me like the tail is a little long as you can see in picture 2 September, peaks island ME
  11. greetings. first post. possible nonbreeding adult ring-billed gull: lake Erie, western new york state; late june; late afternoon / early evening (/prevening). observed in water; flying short distances; walking and laying on dry land (grass); on rocky shore; walking on pavement. body mostly white, some (grey / grey-brown?) mottling on head and neck area; wings mostly grey; tail end mostly dark/black; black/dark eyes; grey(?) feet. information regarding identification of species / subspecies, 'gender', approximate age, all much appreciated.
  12. Here are some Pacific shorebirds along California. The pictures were taken in October. Thanks! 1. Black Oystercatcher? 2. Which gull is this? And is it possible to ID the small bird in bottom right corner? 3. Which gull is this? 4. Which gull is this? 5. Which gull is this?
  13. Hello Forum! Thank you for all of your recent help in identifying my first west coast birds. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I've got a few more that I can't quite place and would appreciate some help. Thanks! 1. The Merlin Bird App keeps pegging this one as a non-breeding or juvenile Black-Bellied Plover. It was larger than nearby sanderlings, smaller than willetts. Can anyone confirm? DSC_2603 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_2587 by degibox, on Flickr 2. I'm really hoping to have captured one of the local feral parrot species of the area and not just a couple of escape pets. The yellow on the side points to Chevron. Can anyone confirm? DSC_2852 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_2853 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_2861 by degibox, on Flickr 4. Lesser Yellow-legs??? DSC_2844 by degibox, on Flickr 5. For this last set I'm hoping I've captured the West Coast seagull trifecta of California Gull, Western Gull, and Heerman's Gull. Western seems certain. Are there any California's in there? The one in the center of of the last pick was IDed as Heerman's by Merlin Bird ID but also marked as Rare. Would love human confirmation. A. DSC_2783 by degibox, on Flickr B. DSC_2738 by degibox, on Flickr C. DSC_2802 by degibox, on Flickr
  14. Another gull question... this is an interesting one. Seen in Monterey CA today, hanging out with a group of Western Gulls. Western and Herring can be ruled out because of contrasting pale inner web on outer primaries (visible in 2nd photo). Thayer's can be ruled out by the stout bill, bulky shape (especially head), darker coloration and less distinct patterning overall. This doesn't strike me as a Glaucous-winged x Western, as they tend to be browner on the head and underparts, with a darker brown "ear muff". So I'm thinking Glaucous-winged x Herring Gull hybrid or Slaty-backed Gull on this one. Hoping for Slaty-backed (would be a lifer). Thoughts?
  15. Seen at Lake Merritt Oakland CA today. Torn between Thayer's and Glaucous-winged x Herring Gull, thought the neck and head seemed perhaps a bit bulky for Thayer's, and the texture of the brown smudging looks like Glaucous-winged to me, but I'm not sure. Definitely too slender and long-winged for Glaucous-winged x Western, and too small of bill.
  16. Lake Merritt, Oakland CA today. Probably just Western x Glaucous-winged Gull. However I was wondering about Slaty-backed Gull, which I have no experience with. Probably nothing exciting, I just struggle with young gulls sometimes. Unfortunately didn't see it move too much, didn't see any other poses.
  17. December 6 in SF Bay area. I was thinking Herring x Glaucous-winged Gull hybrid, but would welcome any opinions.
  18. Are these Thayer's? November in Washington state. Thanks for the help! 1) 2)
  19. Hi, are those Bonaparte Gulls, non breeding ones? Seen 2 weeks ago in Ontario, north of Toronto. thx
  20. Hi, is this a ring-billed Gull? Immature? seen 2 weeks ago north of Toronto, ON. thx
  21. This gull was seen today near Albuquerque on the Rio Grande with 2 Franklin's Gulls. Seemed slightly larger than accompanying Franklin's
  22. Took some pictures of gulls today 11/3 in Seattle and trying to figure out a what these gulls are. Any help appreciated
  23. 8/24/2018, St. Joseph, Southwest Michigan There were about 30 gulls - Ring-billed and Herring mix - on this section of the beach in the morning. This one was a little bit separate from the main group and had unique plumage. Still Herring?
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