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  1. Hey Everyone, Another WA state ID, I'm really bad at hawk IDs, I don't see enough of them 🙂 Spotted in a group of 3, possibly juvenile, medium sized. Initially spotted near stream on logs on the ground. Plenty more photos if needed 🙂 Thanks!!
  2. While hiking in the lower part of Embudito Canyon on the edge of Albuquerque, NM today (June 28, 2021), I came across a large hawk perched just off the trail in plain sight. I couldn't determine if it was a Red-tailed or a Swainson's. Looked to be an immature either way. I have attached a couple of grainy photos (best I could manage). As one can see, it's rather white on the front and head while largely brown, albeit mottled with white, on the back. Other info not readily apparent in the photos: thick subterminal band on the tail with three or four thinner bands above it; yellow tarsi and toes; yellow cere; yellow eyes; mostly white head with a bit of brown on top; and, maybe a bit of a belly band. Definitive answer anyone? And why? Thanks, amallen
  3. Hi, is it possible to determine whether this is a female or immature rough-legged hawk? seen on Amherst Island in April. thanks
  4. Hi, is that a red-tailed Hawk? an immature one? Seen today in Toronto. thanks
  5. Last from this weekend on Amherst Island... Is that a Hawk? Red-Tailed hawk? thanks
  6. HI, I saw this bird on Amherst Island yesterday. Is it a rough-legged Hawk? thanks
  7. HI, I saw this bird on Amherst Island yesterday. Is it a rough-legged Hawk?
  8. New York City, 4/1/21. This was very high up. I first thought it was a Gull. Only when I viewed and magnified it on my large monitors, did I start thinking it's a Cooper's Hawk. These are screenshots from video. Except as titled, I zoomed in for the s-shots. (I put just 4 into the message body; the others are too distorted when blown up as is done in the messages. - Although they seem to be in the msg body.) Thanks.
  9. This hawk is hanging around a field by our house in Wisconsin. Is it an immature one? Thanks in Advance, Karen
  10. Saw a small hawk perched on a wire. Parked a little way off and walked down to see the hawk. Photos just as it flew off. Norwalk, CT, Feb 21, around 4pm, clear conditions, near small frozen pond in residential area with deciduous trees and evergreens. I thought a Cooper's since the markings on the chest seem fine to me - and is the tail rounded like a Cooper's? But not sure. New to Hawk IDs. Appreciate any help.
  11. Hi, is that a red-tailed Hawk I saw in Toronto last weekend? Thanks
  12. I recently stayed at a cabin in Paris Tennessee, and saw this large hawk-like bird above the large lake. The area is in the middle of the woods as well, in February, about midday. It seems to have a white head with a dark crown and around its eyes, and a solid white stomach with a bit of darker speckles on the chest. Unfortunately these are the best photos I have to share, even with my macro camera lens. Most search results came up with an Osprey? I know next to nothing about birds, but this fella just looks so beautiful, any help in identifying what kind it is would be appreciated!
  13. We have this hawk that comes around looking for quail to grab. I got this front and back shot through our kitchen window of it sitting on our back fence. Location is Nampa, Idaho, SW of Boise about 30 miles. December 2020. I think it's too small to be a Red-tailed...maybe a Swainson's? or Nothern Goshawk? Thanks up front.
  14. Seen December 30, midday, Stratford, CT (at Stratford Point, on LI Sound.) A Northern Harrier spotted about ten minutes earlier. Tentatively ID'd as immature Red-shouldered Hawk, but wondering if it might be broad-winged? Did not see it well in flight; it flew low, behind branches and landed again a short distance away. Appreciate any advice! Thanks.
  15. Hi, is that an immature red-tailed hawk? I'm never sure. seen in May in Toronto. Thanks
  16. I was taking some nice pictures of songbirds when this beautiful creature scared them all away. I have been wondering if it is a sharp-shinned or a coopers? I took a measuring tape to the spot where he landed on the chain-link fence and I estimate he is around 13-15" from tip to tail. Even though there were birds everywhere he did not catch any. He came face to face with a squirrel and did not attempt to kill it even though the squirrel was frozen like a deer in the headlights, so I think that prey was too big for him. Time of day was 11:30 am in London, Ontario, Canada. Thanks in advance for your help with this ID.
  17. If anyone could definitively tell me what species my new friend here is, that would be much appreciated! Everything I could gather from internet image searches has me thinking it might be a (juvenile?) Broad-winged hawk. He/she has become a regular morning visitor over our property here in Beckwith, Ontario (roughly equal parts mixed forest, open fields, and marsh), and has taken an interest in my drone flights. I'll post a follow-up with a video clip.
  18. Hi all! I am new to the website and to birding. I've got some field guides but sometimes that's not quite enough, so I am hoping someone's expertise can help me out here! The bird was seen along the Fox River in Waukesha, WI, at a very urban section of the river that is pretty much always populated with people. It's where the river junctions with North Barstow street in downtown Waukesha - in case you wanted to google maps it. It was flying in, chasing after smaller birds, and then it landed in this tree RIGHT ABOVE MY HEAD for just a minute or two and then it was gone! My guess is Cooper's or Sharp-shinned, seems difficult to tell the difference. Thanks in advance for any help! Ryan
  19. I can't see to identify this bird. At first I thought maybe a Prairie Falcon (near Colorado Springs, CO) but then it doesn't have the streaks coming from the eyes as the Prairie Falcon does. And if it's the same one I keep seeing, I was hesitant to think it's a juvenile. Many of the other similar birds in either the hawk or falcon designation, always seem to have some significant visible feature that this was doesn't have (yellow-ish beak or around the eyes, more dotted chest marks rather than streaks etc.). Anyone have a notion? Thanks!
  20. Greetings, This photo was taken on August 8, 2017. Upon looking at the photo again many years later, I did not even notice the second raptor! I am assuming the top bird is a Short-tailed hawk (Correct me if I'm wrong); however, the bottom one is giving me trouble. I want to say it's a dark morph short tailed, but its barred belly is giving me trouble.
  21. Around noon today, this beauty flew overhead and then was gone. My Dad was lucky to snap this action shot. There are normally many turkey vultures flying overhead, but this bird caught our eye as it appeared lighter in colour and more hawk-like. The original photo was just a silhouette so I increased the contrast and exposure to reveal some of the markings. We think it is a rough-legged hawk. Can anyone confirm based on the photo?
  22. Hi all, I'm excited to have found this forum. Yesterday (18 April), my wife spotted this bird perched on the support for our bird feeders. We've never seen anything like it. It sat there for a long time without moving much. I didn't get very good pictures because I was afraid I'd spook it. Consulting my National Geographic field guide book, I thought it most closely resembled the picture and description of the Northern Harrier. When I sent the photos to my birding friend, he said it was a Cooper's hawk. Doing more online looking, I'm more and more thinking that it was probably a sharp-shinned hawk. It was pretty small for a hawk, though it was sort of rounded out--I'm guessing it was puffed up. Anyway, the descriptions we read about the sharp-shinned hawk seem to match especially well: It likes to take birds at feeders and plucks prey before eating them. We've noticed this spring at least three different "kills" around the yard, but each time it's just the feathers--no flesh or bones other than the wings. We live in Sterling, Nebraska (southeast corner of the state), and we see lots of red-tailed hawks in the countryside around. This bird was quite a bit smaller than one of those--maybe about the size of a laying hen. Brett
  23. Cooper's or Sharpie? I'm guessing Coop due to light nape. This was the only photo I could get and I didn't want to hang around and disturb her.
  24. Hi, I saw this bird from my balcony in Toronto yesterday. Is that an immature red-tailed Hawk?
  25. I was standing on the second floor deck of my house looking down. The largest hawk I have seen in this area swept across the backyard from north to south in a glide with a following wind. The wings were fully extended. I only had a view of the bird's upper side. The head and back and tail were a dark mottled rufous brown color. This was not a Red-tailed Hawk. The tail was the same color as the back. The body and head had a chunky, solid appearance. The wings showed some white. My observation post was about forty feet from the flight of the bird. W hat do you think?
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