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Found 12 results

  1. I'm just beginning my bird journey, identifying birds in my neighborhood here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Red-tailed hawks are supposedly super common around here. But I've seen a couple of hawks during my morning walks (Dec 2021) and they don't quite look like the red-tails pictures to me. To my amateur eyes, and those of my neighbor, they look like red-shouldered hawks. Could someone more experienced take a look at these pictures and tell me what they think? The first picture, atop the mailbox post, was taken about 2 weeks ago. The other 3 pictures were taken the day of this posting. Pictures 1 & 2 were taken in the same general area. Pictures 3 & 4 were taken in a different area about 800 feet away (straight line). I was practically underneath it, but couldn't get around to see the back because of where it was. PS How evocative is it to see a hawk juxtaposed by a recycling bin?!?! And it just sat there as we walked slowly by, not more than 10 feet across the street. Thanks so much. KLG
  2. Seen today, Feb 26; Norwalk, CT; around 3pm, in tree on roadside in fairly busy zone (auto repair shops, etc.) Photos all of same individual. (Light was tough.) I tried to look at size, feet, chest markings, eyes, tail length, and head shape to make an ID. But not at all certain. I thought general size and eyes might support Cooper's ID. But head shape (in profile), and maybe the thick streaks on chest made me think Sharp-shinned. I'm not very experienced with hawks, so trying to learn as I go. Any help appreciated!
  3. Saw a small hawk perched on a wire. Parked a little way off and walked down to see the hawk. Photos just as it flew off. Norwalk, CT, Feb 21, around 4pm, clear conditions, near small frozen pond in residential area with deciduous trees and evergreens. I thought a Cooper's since the markings on the chest seem fine to me - and is the tail rounded like a Cooper's? But not sure. New to Hawk IDs. Appreciate any help.
  4. Taken in Westport, CT, Dec. 13, 3:44pm, in tree by roadside. Wondered if it might be Red-shouldered Hawk?
  5. Seen on wire, overlooking wetlands, late afternoon in Stratford, CT on September 21. Wondering if this might be a broad-winged hawk. Any thoughts? Many thanks!
  6. Seen in woods surrounding fresh-water pond in Norwalk, CT. Flew in low, paused on branch , and flew into canopy. Mostly red-tailed hawks in this area, but double checking in case this might be a red-shouldered hawk. Would appreciate any help!
  7. Hawk seen flying over deciduous and pine forest - with meadow and stream - Oct 17, late morning, in Wilton, CT. Thinking Cooper's Hawk but not sure. Red-tailed Hawk and Turkey Vulture also flying overheard nearby. Any help is much appreciated!
  8. A group of two or three of them on Eastern Long Island, in a wooded area near the water. Appeared as maybe a Cooper's. Medium-sized. Noticed a long tail with dark stripes underneath. They were flying from branch to branch, making a lot of noise. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture. hawk sound.m4a
  9. Got a great look at this hawk in perfect morning light today and assumed red-shouldered, but on editing now I'm not totally convinced. Red Shouldered and Cooper's are the most common in this area followed by red tail, but this fellows color and streaking is off a bit and the eyes are so dark in good light for a juvenile red shoulder. I need a sanity check. The way it took off I didn't get a good look at tail and wings were a blur. thanks in advance
  10. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could id these birds. They were sitting on the same tree with the darker one sitting above and shouting or calling down to the other one. I was wondering if they were related or if they were not and were arguing with each other.
  11. I know pictures are not good, but could someone tell what type hawk this is....Panhandle of Florida
  12. I saw a Great Blue Heron fighting an unidentified hawk in the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge on the Texas Gulf Coast between Galveston and Freeport on Nov 16. The Heron is pretty intense. But, I can't ID the hawk. There is a light white line above the eyes, but the winter plumage isn't very distinct. Opinions are welcome. Here are various views of the two birds.
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